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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Jose Figueroa

    That MoogleFTW reference, oh my god XD

  • Lord_foul

    wow two moons, interesting

  • westerlywind


    • Will Attar

      Check out page 25 of LFG

      • Speedy Marsh

        Lemme guess, next up is Maikos’ mom? Or his third cousin once removed?

        I mean, if Fitch died and became Hctib, that would be one thing, but there’s a big timey wimey problem with that.

        Unless we find out that Fitch is immortal and will be back in the main story, I’m not seeing why his story takes priority.

        I’ll stop whining now and take something for my head. I tend to get whiney when I have a headache. (maybe I need a Snickers)

  • Matthew Kahne

    Wait a minute, isn’t this the gnome who lost his wife and kid to troll attacks?

    • Mr. D

      Yep. His appearance lasts from pages 22 to 25

      • Matthew Kahne

        Holy Hell! We haven’t seen him in years!

  • roxassword

    I always knew we’d see him again… I just didn’t realise it would involve a song.
    And not just any song. A gnome song.

  • TruDivination

    Oh wow. wow, just… We all know this is not going to end happily. And If they make me sad for this guy, that will be a true miracle.

  • Felemoth

    Ah the guy killed out of annoyance. Poor tragic Fitch.

    • Speedy Marsh

      The Fitch had it coming to him.

  • Mr. D

    I just noticed the inconsistencies in the coloring of his helmet lol

  • AndyW

    An advert (World of Tanks, I think) completely hijacked this page. Had to turn on ad-blocker to actually see the comic.

  • Bob Zeta

    Wait, what happened to the Hctib diaries? They can’t possibly be finished, they didn’t explain or add on to anything.

    Fitch can go jump in a lake. Bring back Hctib.

  • Solar

    Seriously, you end it there with Hctib storyline…. I’m amazed, angry, sad… so many emotions, but not really…

    Still would have loved to see it continue more it was getting so good…

    • safyrejet

      I vaguely recall that after Tim’s tale ended cliffhangery that we were assured the NPC story would eventually cycle back to pick up more on Tim. I suppose we might see the stories cycle back to Hctib’s diary. Or maybe I’m remembering that wrong and we’re totally gonna be left hanging on all NPC character indefinitely.

      • Speedy Marsh

        Don’t worry. Our children and grandchildren can take up reading where we leave off. (I’m hoping mine will inherit my gift of sarcasm)

        Now, if we can just learn how to become undead, so we can stick around long enough to see the conclusion of the cliffhangers… (I sense a Catch-22 situation developing)

  • kinshotaki

    I could be wrong cause I don’t think it was actually stated anywhere, but I was under the impression these would cycle through multiple secondary characters, and more prominent ones like hctib and tim probably are gonna be broken into multi-parts or at least have multiple stories. So cliffhanger leading to part two in four stories for example, could be wrong and could just be very unfinished ending too.

    • Fusionater

      I asked this in an earlier announcement on the site, and beleive Sohmer confirmed it to be true.

  • Marcus Nibell

    Loooove this =)

  • safyrejet

    I feel like we’re never gonna know what happens if a demon kills his master. *pout* Way to leave us hanging. Although I think we should have expected it. I mean Tim and Styx’s story was left kinda hanging too.

    Anyway, on to this curious gnome named Fitch. I have to admit, I do love a story that rhymes.

    • Danny Hopkins

      I think the whole point was a demon CAN’T kill his master.

      • Adamas

        Demons ALWAYS kill their masters. Usually because the idiot got careless with the wording of a command.

        • Danny Hopkins

          Well, I imagine that depends on the fiction. By the reaction of clipboard demon though, it’s not a common occurrence in this fiction.

          • safyrejet

            Uncommon doesn’t mean impossible. Given that clipboard demon even asked “Don’t you know what happens if a companion murders their master?” indicates to me that something is known to happen, so it must have happened for someone to even know what would happen. Also “if” is a pretty key word there. “If” means there is possibility, however slim.

    • Speedy Marsh

      There once was a gnome, named Fitch…

      (Add a line to the limerick)

  • cpc65

    So these stories will all converge somehow.They’ll continue the Tim and Htcib stories after they leave Fitch hanging, and as each person’s story progresses it’ll all come together in some clever way. Patience.

  • LaughingTarget

    All I know is that if this is anything like the first two stories, it will be fantastic

  • Xubglorf

    Sohmer is an evil, evil man. Cliffhangers everywhere.

  • Madcat221 .

    I am predicting… one of the many gnome soldiers that Richard brutally and comically slaughtered.

    • Fluffy

      Nope… re-read the early areas where they’re stuck between the gnomes and the trolls, he’s there.

  • Mustachio

    NPC means Non-Player Character…not “Playable”…at least in my experience.

    • Rogem

      It can actually mean both. In games where you create your own character (D&D, Skyrim, etc.) or multiplayer games NPC refers to Non-Player Character. Whereas in games where you can only choose between certain characters (Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Dota, etc.) the word can actually refer to characters that aren’t playable – hence, Non-Playable Character.

      Obviously enough, the latter group is a sub-group of the former – all non-playable characters are non-player characters, and many, if not most, non-player characters are non-playable characters. Non-playable characters are not to be confused with a non-existent character.

  • Evan Balot

    If I were to make a Gnome in a D&D Campaign. I’d name him Grumble Sparklefart. He’d be a bard, use an accordion, and his sole purpose would be for him to die as horribly as possible.

    • BLWarmonger

      This… is… AWESOME! I’m totally stealing this idea. I’ll try to remember to give you credit. Thanks.

      • Evan Balot

        Oh, wow. I’m flattered. o//o

  • Willy

    Well i believe this proves that the writers of the diaries do not care to read the comments, otherwise we would have more Hctib…

  • Kickasl

    I wonder if he’s really dead. He proved to be hard-to-kill.
    Also i hope we’ll soon see Dick(in lfg main story).

  • Râven


  • Speedy Marsh

    Lol. Kill your master, and you become a gnome? I didn’t think even hell had such terrible punishments…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Don’t talk about Sohmer, Hawk, and Ryzowski like that! (Even if they are proving your point)