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  • Lord_foul

    he also saved himself with that, but still

    • Fluffy

      I think it was less the ice, and more the (kinda hard to tell) fact that he took the brunt of the blast to protect the boy since it wouldn’t kill him (assumidly). I say this because Richard is laying on top of the boy after the blast, like he shielded him.

  • Adam Booble

    Well, it’s about time!

  • Guest

    Well, it looks like hctib hss finally become hctib :D

    • Da’Zlein

      Now he just has to dress up as mickey mouse and grow his tail out

  • Matthew Kahne

    The transformation is nearly complete.

  • Irabbit75

    I’ve had work days like that.

    • Speedy Marsh

      From this day forward, Hctib always got invited on “Bring a demon to work day”

  • Manar

    I think someone just remembered he is a demon.

  • Marshall Todt

    It says something about how much of a good person (err…bad demon?) Hctib was that it took this long for Richard to turn him into a psychopath.

    I also have had days like this. Luckily it is very hard to kill someone with a clipboard.

    • LaughingTarget

      Hctib was using the edge. Greater pressure potential and superior structural strength. Truly the embodiment of evil.

      • Marshall Todt

        Today I learned how ro properly kill someone with a clipboard.

        • LaughingTarget

          My Dad always said, a day you didn’t learn something new is a day wasted.

        • Speedy Marsh

          Yeah, anyone can kill with a knife or a gun. Killing with a clipboard would get you mad props on the cell block.

      • Da’Zlein

        At least he’s a smart psychopath

  • Anon face


  • DarkMyste

    finally he got revenge! on the demon finally but i feel for lil hctib, i really wish to see richard as he was starting out

  • Updog


    • Nathan David Alexander Burgess

      Hell yes.

  • Orolandes O’Rourke


  • Eskimio

    You think you know me…

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    I think this current Richard might be the human Richard from the beginning days of the curse. Lil hctib got his revenge on the guy who made his life worse which actually was clipy (clipboard demon). This was properly done by talking and letting him know who had actually made his life worse instead of Richard just killing people to fuel the curse. RIchard could have dare I say it… talked to Hctib and shown him the (darkish/dimly lit) light?

    • Da’Zlein

      The bloody light of vengeance burns brightest when someone else lights it

  • LaughingTarget

    Hahahahah! Take that and suck on it clippy. This is why he is a 9th circle demon. Unleash that beast, buddy!

  • Matthew Vincett

    Go Hctib!

  • Jaymus

    This is probably one of the most satisfying bits I’ve read lmao

  • Frankie D.

    About fucking time…

  • Martin Burne

    Like his Microsoft Windows namesake, no one will mourn Clippy. :)

    • Anjelica Pikulina

      Wish I could bit that bitch up with anything :/

    • Speedy Marsh

      …Except Hctib’s wife and son.

  • Rheios

    So about the tail thing I’ve read mentioned. In the earlier comics I’ve noticed it looks like a regular rat tail….
    I totally think Hctib is tailless naturally and Richard just fused a tail on him because….well Richard.

    • Paul W

      Hmm… this combined with the white gloves… me thinks Richard was trying to make him Mickey Mouse?

      • Brendon Leenheer

        Did you notice the red shorts with two big yellow buttons? Yes he was totally going for the Mickey thing!

        • Damien Cardinal

          Oh my god! The ultimate revelation!

          • Anjelica Pikulina

            Am I really the only person who noticed that after first seen Hctib in LFG?

          • Blargen

            Believed he was actually an evil cousin of Mickey at first myself…

          • safyrejet


  • Rémi Savard

    Epic. That last panel has Hollywood all over it. Epic.

    • Lars

      I thought the middle panel had a distinctly “Wanted” (the Angelina Jolie flick) feel to it.

      • Kristin Wilcox

        You and Sohmer have given us fans EXACTLY what we had been dyin to see Bless you guys…Bless you!

        • Lars

          Sorry, I’m not Lar. :(

          He was really awesome when I met him at a con a few years ago though. (So was Sohmer for that matter.) :)

          • Kristin Wilcox

            Oops My Bad xD

      • Anonymous42R

        You refer to that scene when James McAvoy’s character slams that one guy across the face with a keyboard? And a handful of keys plus one of the guy’s teeth break off and spell “F*** YOU”? Yeah, I’d be inclined to agree

        • Lars

          Yep, that’s the scene exactly. :)

          • Anonymous42R

            Thought so. Yeah, that was awesome.
            Damn, I wanna watch that movie again now.

    • LaughingTarget

      The missing next panel has an explosion coming through the portal with Hctib still slowly walking away.

      • Zblugg

        Cool imps don’t look at explosions.

  • Brendon Leenheer

    That was the only way to kill that demon… the only RIGHT way. Go Hctib!!

  • Ben Ehren

    DAMMIT, why did you make him seem more decent before you killed him.

    • aub32

      Decent? How decent was it for him to keep bringing up his wife? “You’re wife this…” “You’re wife that…”. He could have just called her by name.

      • Metus

        I believe the demons don’t have names unless they’re in the human world, seeing how Clipboard told Hctib that his name was up to his summoner.

        • Z Hakan Snow

          True, “Clipboard” said that, however, Hctib also tried to introduce himself before “Clipboard” cut him off. So, y’know

          • Kibu

            More likely they have two names. Their demon name, and then the name that their summoner uses. Kinda like a true name and a given name.

          • Metus

            True enough.

    • JesterKing

      Its more fun to kill a nice guy

  • almoniker

    Who says he’s dead? Knowing the way hell works he’s not dead… in an incredibly unfathomable degree of pain yes but probably not dead.

    • Qurop

      Isn’t that better?

      • Gábor

        You freak! … I like you :D

        • Qurop

          Clippy had it coming :D

  • David Wayne Martin

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not enough love that I can give this!!!

  • safyrejet

    Let it never be said that the creators of LFG don’t listen to their readers and give them what they want, whether it was planned for this script all along or added in after several folks made comments wishing for this is irrelevant. It happened. The readers rejoice.

  • Alex Min

    Hell yeah! Thats the spirit!

  • TruDivination

    Hctib is such a good student. Look how well he’s demonstrated what he’s learned all this time, and in just five weeks too!

    • Dosh

      Ha, DEMONstrated. I get it!

      • Anjelica Pikulina

        True wordplay masterpiece xP

        • Alex Hollins

          indeed, a hell of a pun. quite devilish wordplay. way to get us all fired up and brimstoning over with glee.

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            I’m going to shoot you in the kneecaps. ¬¬

          • Alex Hollins

            Wrathful. once you do that, I’ll be all, help, I’m Fallen, and I can’t get up.

          • Piret Rhapsodos

            *paps out yer kneecaps* ¬¬

        • TruDivination

          XD punintended!

      • TruDivination

        Haha yep! I totally am that clever and made that pun totally on purpose! (⌒-⌒; )

  • Giliathriel

    It’s about time!!

  • LaughingTarget

    The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced this is not Hctib. It’s the son. The son has a tail and the ears point out straight. This guy’s ears are floppy and lacks a tail.

    • Madcat221 .

      WELLNOWHESTALKINGWITHOUTSPACES, and he’s also gone completely over the deep end as he just demonstrated with the clipboard and the guy who stole his life. I think this is Hctib.

      • Anjelica Pikulina

        I agrre with Madcat221, pretty sure it’s the Hctib

        • Josh Colombe

          I love how everyone up to now has been arguing about weither this is the real Hctib, and if the real one will stand up or not, and no one has brought up the one thing that PROVES that the one we have been following =, has been standing up the whole time. HIS FONT. despite his speech patterns, despite his appearance, the diaries of Tim proved that once a character has a font, it stays with them, no matter what. Only one character has had the the red text outside speech bubbles, outlined in yellow, and that’s Hctib Ellttil. he’s been using this font since the beginning of this diary, and it confuses me that I haven’t seen anyone else bring this up.

          • safyrejet

            For me, mostly it’s just more amusing to see so many people find different “clues” to support their opposing theories. I know who I think Hctib is and it’s not like anyone is gonna change my mind with comment theories. I don’t figure I can change anyone else’s mind. There’s several points besides the font that I haven’t brought up. I’m just sitting back and checking in every so often to see how the “discussion” is progressing.

          • Speedy Marsh

            Maybe when a demon kills its master, it dies too, and the demon’s child gets its power (and neuroses) from its father.

  • Gábor

    Is it just me, that just realized -> HctiB elttiL —> Little Bitch ? xD

    • Jason Driscoll

      It’s just you I think buddy :D You see it earlier in LFG about Richard telling Cale that the name of his demon reflects his role in the relationship :D

      • Gábor

        Ye, I can remember something like that, but never looked on it closely xD Now I can die in peace, when the time is coming :D

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      …whaaat :o

    • Alex Hollins

      yup, just you.

    • Matt Hunter

      Correction… Backwards little bitch

      • Gábor

        What? Haven’t I just wrote that? ….

  • Thomas Gorzkiewski


  • Legbreaker

    and about time too!

  • Wyrmlaf

    Woohoo! So much for “new Dad”!

  • Mr.Grin

    Richard has a way or influencing everyone he comes in contact with. I tried to look up that term that summarizes that and all I could find that matched was Plague.

    • Elliott Voss

      You could call him personable. Influential. He just has this effect on everyone he meets, you know.

    • Piret Rhapsodos


  • Trogdor

    Well, that escalated quickly.

    • Silly Zealot

      With a little over five weeks of one disaster after another, I’d say the escalation was moderate. :P

      • Adamas

        I would’ve said it was about bloody time

        • NapalmJackson

          I see what you did there.

  • Rarazal

    Admit it, we were alle waiting for this

  • What’sThisButtonDo?

    Now the question is; does he get his wife back, or kill her, too?

  • Oscar Mardones Schopflin

    AWESOOOOOOME!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous42R

    Hehe…beaten to death with his own keyboard…he soooo deserved that.

    • Elfguy

      Keyboard? Looks more like a Clipboard to me…but still, who HASN’T had the urge to slaughter a pencil pushing bureaucratic weasel with one?

      • Anonymous42R

        Whoops yeah, clipboard. My bad.

  • RandomHobo

    Kill master > Turn into Disney creation > Hctib gets rescued by Richard > the lovely relationship we know today

  • NapalmJackson

    I got the little bitch before, but I missed the reflects :D

  • Haseo111 .

    About damn time…

  • Joey

    No, it’s not. First did it two strips ago, and then again in the previous strip.

  • Mezzy

    The moment you Realise Hctib is Bitch Backwards o.o

    • Fengor

      Thank you for joining the rest of us on page 756 :P

      • Mezzy

        In all honesty I forgot about Hctib xD and the fact that i thought his name was Hetib, Derp me >.< xD

  • Scott Kent

    Ahemmm…except for the use of the clipboard (which was a great touch) let me just say “Nailed it”.

  • Euan fotheringham

    Hictib ettil : little bitch

  • Selvec

    Guess he knows they’re demon’s after all.

  • Phlosioneer

    *Walks in* *Murders superior* *Walks out*
    I’m pretty sure he quits.

  • Nulgar

    NPC #2 is kinda like the later books of A Song of Ice and Fire: takes a character you hate, makes you love him :)

  • Doc Wildfang

    You know they’er demons right?

  • Kristin Wilcox

    Not so sure Hictib ettil fits Him now…………>:D

  • Eric

    Hctib pals.

  • masterdebate

    Hella vicious paper cuts…. FROM HELL.

  • Dan Skelley

    Go Hctib!, Go Hctib! Go! make them suffer make them all suffer

  • Rick

    “well, we’re demons, aren’t we?”

  • Darnel Cooper


  • Allsmiles

    (Well… that was probably the single most appropriate response considering the circumstances.)