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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Lord_foul

    like an old married couple

    except.. not

  • GingerChris86

    I can only hear this in archer voices…

    • Mr.Normandy

      Archer would make an awesome arch-mage

      • NapalmJackson

        I see what you did there

  • Anon face

    I feel like this is when Richard begins summoning and banishing him too often. Seems too straight forward though.

  • Fusionater

    Man that’s a damn cute demon kid….

  • Jack of Tacks

    Well forget my earlier hypothesis, Hctib is just terrified of good ol’ Dick.

    • Boris “BoroFreak” Grigorov

      He fears the D.

      • Gábor

        Nice one sir :D

  • safyrejet

    Stone chair really doesn’t look comfortable, but then given the location maybe that’s the point?

    I wondered how that would work then, if a master summoned their demon when the demon wasn’t in the room of slug portals. Summoning lights seek them out. That could get uncomfortable though, I mean seriously. no. privacy.

  • TruDivination

    I can’t help but remember Richard stating that Hctib became very excitable and the way he is today due to being summoned and dismissed too many times….and we get to see this breakdown!!!!!!!! XD

    • The Commissar

      Sadism is always enjoyable to watch…..oh wait…..not for ‘normal’ people….*sidles away*

      • TruDivination

        Normal is so boring my dear friend.

  • Tomi bgt Mäntylä

    There’s still some naiveness in Hctib left. It’s not that Richard “needs” him, but that he “wants” him.

  • nicktyrong

    Well, looks like it’s working right, the whole page… for now….

  • Tj Phoenix

    He looks like he’s about to hurl…

  • Alex


  • David

    Maybe the son is the ‘little bitch’………

    • Soeroah

      I actually thought that as soon as I saw the kid’s face on this page. Never occurred to me before, but maybe the kid is Richard’s eventual familiar and Richard actually does break his father in front of him.

  • Phil Goldbach

    This is Hctib Elttil, as in the larger of the two demons. He gets very excited when he’s informed by the other demon earlier that he’s been summoned, as evidenced by the “EEEEEEEE!” followed by an apology and a “Don’t do that again” from the other demon. We may not know what he saw, and also, as he was told by the other demon, his name is whatever his master decides it is. So we don’t even know his real name, only the one that is given to him by Richard.

  • Mr. D

    Poor Hctib, that look of sheer terror. Now we know why he hates Richard so much.

  • GL

    Somehow, I think that this is before the “curse” — or shortly after, and maybe last comic was the young Lordling getting Cursed?

  • Mr. Izz

    I really like this little story arc. Keep it up!

  • Matthew Kahne

    Just look at Hctib’s face. He’s not looking forward to being summoned again.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that noticed that Hctib Elttil has a tail? I guess that the little one is Richard companion later, as a replacement for his father, when Richard eventually broke him.

  • Nodrog

    Guest: I was hit with that idea before I read your post. What if the father is Hctib (or other name), and constantly having his dad pulled away and returned so much is what drove Hctib Ellttil? Believing his dad was being pulled away for vital duties, only to discover his dad was being forced to leave family time for the mystical equivalent of scratching Richard’s back?

  • Mike

    Never really leave comments, just gotta say, really enjoying NPC so far. Loving the perspective from the familiar (?) underworld.

  • CalTheOnly

    Also note the title, “The Hctib Diaries”. Not “The Hctib Elttil Diaries”. Makes me lean towards the kid demon being the one we know and love/hate. But I don’t think to deep on it as a rule of thumb, I just like to sit back and enjoy the show.

  • westerlywind

    It’s always been alluded to that Richard did some really atrocious things before meeting Kale. I’m leaning more toward having broken Hctib at some point driving the imp to madness and eventually revolting against Richard.

  • Jakoli

    I don’t know if this has been said yet or not, but maybe Richard breaks the father’s mind/spirit, but that doesn’t actually effect the bond, so out of spite/rage/vengeance, the son begins to answer every time the father is supposed to be called (fulfilling the Imp working against Richard role).

  • John Belrose

    Actually it is the little imp is our Hctib. If you look at the current Hctib compared to daddy, daddy is more orange in color than current Hctib.

    • Fusionater

      Well, it is a completely different artist. ;)

      • John Belrose

        Really? I honestly thought Lar was doing this.

  • Thewizardly spud

    I don’t think so because the adult imp went EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! a few pages back.

  • Piret Rhapsodos

    Really? That was the moment? What do you do in life, so I may not have you as a part of mine?

  • Chastelier

    It is. Don’t we all need a chewy nemesis a third our size?