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Tiny Dick Adventures

  • Efe Tunçay

    Getting my hopes up for nothing, it’s Tim a’right, same as always.

  • Segelbranth


  • Paul


    • MidnightDStroyer

      Meeting up with “Chicken” is still far off into Tim’s future…Are you trying to provide him with spoilers?

  • John Belrose

    This does beg the question about Tim. As it was said in an earlier page, how much of this is an act and how much of it is true.

  • Orannis

    We need a picture of Tim on the Iron Throne saying Duck Rainbow.

  • David Caine

    Sohmer, when’s the Holy Grail reference going to figure in?

  • Betty Anne

    I love Tim. Just sayin’. <3

  • safyrejet

    Well of course he had to answer that with words together at random. Any intelligent person would do so, gotta keep people guessing. They can never know the truth. Of course it doesn’t help that any idiot would do so as well…

    • Brendon Leenheer

      lol.. my thoughts exactly

  • Sander

    We will never know.

  • Tiffany Back

    next scene: he’s too busy looking at Tim to notice the very solid rainbow about to whack him the in head :P

  • Forest

    Guess: Tim isn’t completely brain dead. Not if the last page is anything to go by. Even Tim can understand when his life is at stake.

  • Jeff Davis

    Ah, Tim. The idiot savant

    • daneharner


  • TruDivination

    Is it just me, or are we being baited into an argument over Tims’ intelligence, and will probably be left with no real answer?

    • safyrejet

      pth, we don’t need to be baited into arguments. This is the internet. The internets argues over things most people wouldn’t think could be argued over.

      • Frederick Wood

        Oh god…

        Oh god it all makes sense now. We’ve been thinking that we’ve been arguing with each other all these years…

        But, what if it’s the Internet arguing with us?! What if the Internet is crudely awaking and we’re only fanning these flames with every comment! What if soon it will awaken like an Elder God! We’ve stared into the abyss….

  • MadsDavidson

    i am really beginning to like where this is going =) seems very interesting. “Duck Rainbow” made me laugh quite a bit =3

  • Aetrun

    No matter how much I look at it, I cannot see his comments as being random. Maybe I just want him to be smart, but it feels like he means something more. Of course, if he is truly hiding intelligence, to do so effectively, he would have to be smarter than Styx.

  • Orannis

    That is beautiful.

  • TruDivination

    No, it’s a collection of horrible, terrifying eldritch abominations that feed off the frustration of the internet participants, bestowing favors on those who spread discord by not eating them for another year. Truly, we are all in mortal peril.

  • Jesse

    I too, lost track of my shit at this. “Duck Rainbow.”

  • Thing

    And you sir, are a hero.

  • Lord_foul

    so then, plan b? we do have a plan be yes?

  • The Dragon Rider Jørn

    That’s a Lot of trolls

  • Da’Zlein

    Oh, hello there, this gigantic army just appeared out of nowhere!

  • Moisin Sonia

    I’m curious to know the name of Richard’s horse :))

    • Chastelier

      Esroh S’Drahcir. Similar to the naming of the runaway imp servant named Hctib Elttil.

      • Hubbabubba

        Could also be just Pony.

        FOR PONY!

        • Mr. K

          Aha! I knew there was a reason for that battle cry! And Cale doubted him.