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LFG & The Fork of Truth, Now on Kickstarter

Jun 19, 2013

Today is the day, folks, today is the day where you get to decide whether or not we spend the next year making a video game.

LFG & The Fork of Truth is now on Kickstarter.

It’s a huge undertaking and a huge goal, but I wouldn’t have started it if I didn’t believe in it.

I humbly request you head on over to the Kickstarter page for the game, and that you tell a thousand of your closest friends about this game. Because this one, folks, this one we can’t do without you. Not even close.

So, I’m going to leave this one in your hands, and I’m going to anxiously sit here and refresh the kickstarter page like a madman every 7 seconds. Possibly 6.

From all of us at Blind Ferret and Paladin Studios, thank you.

Thank you for your support.

-Because I Can

  • Vice

    First time funding.. make it an awesome one guys!

    • sohmer

      Thank you!

  • DaveSangor05

    Is 30 days the max period? seems kinda short for 600k… <.<

  • Bram Weinreder

    Made in Holland? If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much. Count me in!

  • summoner

    Been following you for quite some time now, when it comes to taking money, you’re more than willing to take it from everyone. But when it comes to promotions/contests they’re only for the US. Instead of building walls you’d be alot more successful in building bridges. You keep making promises that don’t come through. Good luck in staying in your little corner.

    • sohmer

      We try and do as much over the planet as possible, and actually offer a free webcomic that updates twice a week, every week, for the last 6 years to the entire world.

      Unfortunately, every country has their own laws regarding contests and promotions, and as we don’t have an international law team, it’s not feasible.

      • summoner

        You did a very good Job with the webcomic of course. But I have heard the excuse with the laws from multiple companies for a long time, some have understood this over time time and adapted some did not. Most countries do not care about promotions or contests. In 6 years you have made little to no advance in this dirrection and while doing so you alienated a big chunk of your fans that would probably be more than willing to help you out.

        • sohmer

          It’s not an excuse, it’s an actual fact. Companies get around these laws by hiring lawyers, there’s no other way.

          That’s a very expensive thing that we can’t afford.

  • Tearopal86

    Ummm…. What happened to the movie you guys were suppose to be working on? That’s what I was really excited about!

    • sohmer

      A long work in progress!

    • Cindy Lewis

      You just raised a dump truck full of dough for the VERY long awaited movie, and now you say: ” today is the day where you get to decide whether or not we spend the next year making a video game.”
      How’s about you spend the next year putting all of the money you’ve already raised to work, for the legions of loyal fans who gave you their hard earned cash to do so?

      • Paladin Studios

        Hi Cindy, Tearopal86,

        Nice to meet you :-) I’m Derk, the co-founder of Paladin – the developer for the Fork of Truth game. Unfortunately I cannot say how the movie is progressing anymore than what you already know. We are not involved in the production of the animation, so I don’t know much about it other than that the production is in progress and they are taking it seriously.

        What I *do* know is this: When the Kickstarter is a success, we will be working super hard to make the game something amazing. For us it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with LFG. Paladin is an independent game development shop – a bunch of humble folks who want to make great games and put a smile on your face. And that’s exactly what we intend to do with Fork of Truth.

        I can only say that I truly hope that you will be enjoying a movie AND a game in the near future. The wait is long (also for the game) but if you back the game, we will provide you with regular updates on the development progress, and you’ll get access to the beta when it’s ready.

        I hope this makes sense – and regardless of the outcome, I wish you all the best :)


        Derk de Geus
        Paladin Studios

      • sohmer

        Hi Cindy-

        What’s your kickstarter user name please, so I can find out why you haven’t received updates.

        All the updates there will answer all of your questions, and tell you when you’ll see This is War.

        Thanks for the Support!

  • Jakk Frost

    It’ll be nice to see the game finally get made, but honestly I’m not a fan of the look of our heroes in it :(

  • McGrewer

    I want this. Everything seems right. The only problem I have with this, is the voice acting. For Richard. I was hopping they would use the same guy who played Richard in “Slaughter Your World.” That guy was the embodiment of what I thought Richard would sound like. And Cale does sound like a girl. I was hoping he would just sound like a young boy, but he sounds a bit girlish here. I like Gid’s voice. No complaints there. Now. For Krunch. I did not like it. He sounds like Eeyore from Winnie the poo. I say where you wanted to go with him, but I don’t think you should stop at that. Other then my personal complaints, I want this very much.

    • DaveBMitchell

      They did use the same guy…I know this, because he is ME. Richard’s speaking voice has always been higher than his singing voice (besides, you’ve only heard snippets…there is a lot more to Richard than that) ;)

      • McGrewer

        Oh. Well I feel stupid. But why didn’t you use the singing voice? That’s the only thing I really cared about. The rest of my comment was just filler. In the song, Richard sounded so perfect. In the game… Well he sounds like he’s not feeling too well.
        The only reason I’m gripping is because as a member of the Cult of Richard, I feel our leader needs a more charismatic sound to him.
        Plus I think it would be funny if Richard was the only one with a serious voice compared to the rest of the cast. Even though in both the comic, and from what I can tell, the game, Richard is the comedic one of he group.

        Anyway, enough of my gripping. I would like to see more of this game, and soon play this. LFG: The Fork of Truth seems like a wonderful game that I would hopefully be able to recommend to people to play.
        And sorry for the overly worded out comments.

        • Richard Mounts

          Do you sing or know any singers? A singing voice is vastly different from a normal speaking voice, hell there are some singers that can completely change their accent when they sing but can’t really get it down when normally speaking.

          Sohmer did say there would be singing, we just haven’t seen it yet.

          • DaveSangor05

            Case in point: Ozzy Osbourne…. Can sing clear as day, but when speaking its a whole lot of ‘mumble mumble mumble SHAAARON!!!” lol

  • McGrewer

    I cannot believe I missed that one.

  • Rafalskimi

    Two things.
    One, the small snippets of dialogue actually made me laugh so I’m really looking forward to this.
    Two, I can already see that there’s going to be a LOT of fighting between friends as to who’s going to play as Richard.

  • Shepsus

    Though this looks like this could be a fun game to play, and I have enjoyed your webcomic for a long while, it bothers me how much you ask of the community to donate.
    I enjoy your comics Sohmer, but I cannot donate anymore. You guys have a lot of fans, you guys have had a lot of over the top successful Kickstarters already (I know of four). You guys give your comics for free, but you have an online shop and head to conventions which (I assume) are successful. I do hope the game gets created. But you *will* do this with or without us, I just feel that you don’t want this to be a financial burden on you guys.

    • sohmer

      Man, I wish we were on the position to pony up 600k and pay for this project ourselves. If we could, we would have, I promise you.

  • Mattias Eogar Persson

    I’d really love to have this but I’m not donating anymore until I see more of the LFG movie and LICD Animated Series. I love all that you do and I’ve supported you over the years (Bought stuff from the shop as well as contributing to kickstarters).

    But I’d really like a GOOD explanation as to why you have soooo many projects going on and none of them ever seems to come to an end and into your fans hands :(

    You ask alot from us and I get it, but you in turn have to give us something more regarding all these projects.

    • sohmer

      Can I get your username for Kickstarter, so I can find out why you haven’t received any updated? We’ve been updating since the start of both project, and continue to deliver on both.

  • Matthew Cleary

    I have been a long time fan of LFG Gutters and somewhat of LICD, and I have to hand it to Sohmer and Lars, You guys rock! Now I am sure I am not the only fan who is looking at this and thinking: Ok this game looks awesome and i can’t wait to get my hands on it, but what of the movie? You guys did a kickstarter for it not to long ago and I was like ok, the fans spoke and well exceeded what you asked for, however I haven’t seen any real updates on the movie. I don’t mind putting in for the game, but do us, the fans a favor, give us an update once in a while about the movie. I know doing an animated feature takes alot of time with the story boarding, doing the animation writing etc. but tease us like you’ve been doing with the game. side note love the voice acting good to see richard being voiced by the same guy as slaughter your world and the funny snippet about getting christian bale in on the movie. keep up the awesome work guys!

    • sohmer

      Hey man-

      Hate repeating myself, but the KS campaign we did was for the LFG: This is War short, not the movie. While I wish we could do the film for 12k or 140k, it’s not going to happen.


      • Matthew Cleary

        as i said its all good, it was just a curiosity thing, besides with all the other projects and the other strips like gutters and LICD I am glad you guys find time for this. i’m just glad you guys do what you do

        • sohmer

          Apreciate that man, thank you!

  • Dragan Claudiu

    When I saw this I instantly thought of one of those games for smartphones or tablets. Google “Dungeon Hunter 4″ and look at images if you want a picture of what I’m talking about.

    I know Derk de Geus said Paladin recently published a game for iOS, but it’s not clearly stated if LFG:FoT is going to be a mobile game or a PC game.

    Can you make it clear what platform(s) will the game be run on? Thanks!

    • Dragan Claudiu

      Actually, I just opened the Kickstarter link and it was mentioned there. But just saying, if you hadn’t read the news in the past week and you just clicked “Play” on the video out of curiosity you’d have no idea what’s going on :)

      • Paladin Studios

        Yes it’s going to PC/Mac, and this provides a lot of freedom we didn’t have on iOS. Imagine being on a strict diet with only carrots (iOS). Now imagine a big fat greasy steak ready for you to dive into (PC). It’s a huge difference, and we can’t wait to get started :-)

  • Charlie Murphy

    I created an account just to say my piece here:

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with some of these comments, this is really getting old. All these projects, all these kickstarters, all this donated money.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a digital entertainment or specific media or community I was affiliated with beg for so much money from their fanbase. Half a million dollars, and from that chart you expect well OVER a million to add a few extra silly freaking features into this crappy game? Weren’t you guys making a movie, too? Where you begged for even MORE money from your fans?

    Nobody is forcing us to donate, but you guys might as well be. What with announcing these projects, then a week later saying things like “Oh, but it won’t happen if we don’t reach our goal! We need X amount of money by this date! We love you guys!”. This is just ridiculous.

    It’s like we’re investing in stock that will never pay off, we’ll just lose our money. You’re asking us to invest in projects that won’t see the light of day for a long time, and one that was in indefinite hiatus for years.

    It gets even more sickening when I see you begging for money for even sillier reasons, like keeping the lights on. And our reward for doing so is one extra comic a month! Oh joy of joys!

    True story, we didn’t ASK you to make this series, but you did. We loved this series, and I assumed the main reason you were doing it was for fun. I understand this type of thing costs money, hosting fees and what have you, but I’m fairly positive most webcomic creators pay these out of their OWN pockets.

    I’m just appalled at the community for even supporting things like this, for donating such obscene amounts of money. Nothing is free, people pay tickets to attend concerts or to attend movies that pay the actors and musicians bills, but while this is the same principal it should NOT be. I follow too many webcomics to count, and plenty of them do projects like this, but guess what? NONE of
    them beg for money like this.

    I’ve been reading this comic for years, and up until now I’ve begrudgingly tolerated this begging for handouts crap, but not anymore.

    So, I don’t want a Looking For Group movie, or this crappy looking game. Because to be perfectly honest, if and when these things are a success, I’m sure you’ll realize just how far you can milk the fanbase for all their worth to start more projects that won’t see the light of day for years. And that only a fraction of your ludicrous funding will actually cover the projects themselves, where will the rest go? You tell me.

    So, I have to say. You’ve lost a fan. I will continue reading the webcomic, but as far as the writers go, forget you guys. Unfollowing your twitters, removing your element from my life. Disregarding the community as well, because in all honesty I can’t be associated with sheeple who are this easily duped into crap like this. Being a fan is one thing, being a fan to this degree is entirely another.

    I hope this kickstarter fails, and I hope you all at Blind Ferret learn something from this.

    • regularjoe

      was originally going to reply to this pointing out how sorry i feel for people like you who need to trash others. but then i decided to not feed the trolls.

      • Charlie Murphy

        Who’s trolling? I’m completely serious in every last point I made.

        Sohmer and HIS trolls are the ones who should be feeling sorry for us, for draining our hard-earned money to pay HIS BILLS.

        • O9K

          Isn’t there a fair return on investment? Back for $20 and get the game or buy the game for $20 once it is there. The only difference is that instead of a publisher funded project its community funded, so instead of listing to the (evil) publisher they get to listen to the community. Every backer gets Beta access to the game to make their opinions heard.

          Instead of LFG the movie, I assume Paladin Studios can handle the job, and that they will create the game with the goal that is asked for in the time that has been stated.

          • Paladin Studios

            Thanks for your trust O9K – it’s much appreciated, and we will work hard to live up to the expectations.


    • CharlesL

      You just created an account to say your piece, and now you are going to keep your distance from the community at LFG? I would think that you have never been a part of the community then.

  • Kiradien

    Well; this comic has entertained me enough to be worth it a bit of crowd funding. Just make sure those Paladin guys stay on the ball!

    • Paladin Studios

      We will focus on building the best game possible, don’t worry Kiradien! :-)

  • ladypirate

    More begging? Gross.

    This smelled bad a couple of campaigns ago. Now it’s just greedy.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    Sorry, nope. You guys got 947% more than needed for the movie and where is that? You think animating is a long process, wait until you model, rig, animate, implement and code an entire game. There are people out there that can do it but with your track record, I’m not thinking it will happen before the rapture, and I don’t believe the rapture is ever coming.

    • sohmer

      Sorry, Nope. We raised that money for the This is War short.

      Did you think that the movie cost 12,000? ;)

      • Ninja_Cricket

        “Any amount we raise above and beyond our goal is going straight into the LFG movie” Your words taken directly from the kickstarter page. I figured the short was going to cost, 14K like it said on the page.

        • Aahz

          sohmer, what the hell

  • safyrejet

    The This Is War KS , based on the last update, is being re-worked on the animation to make it even better. I’m willing to wait for a better project as long as the communication is kept up. The whole movie, well that’s a huger venture. One piece at a time works for me.

    The game is being made by a game studio, Paladin, which I would figure is a separate studio from whoever is making the TIW movie. So I figure BF is involved with both projects as the owner of the characters, involved with design, and direction, but they are not doing the actual animating, voice acting, coding, testing, modeling, etc to actually make the movie and game, I see no reason why two different studios (one for animation and one for game development) can’t work on two different projects at the same time. I don’t know, maybe from some fans perspective it would have been better to launch this KS after the TIW short had been finished and released? That’s projected for the beginning of August, so would it have been better to put the Paladin game studio people on hold waiting for August before announcing/moving forward on the development of a separate game project to LFG fans?

  • Adam Bacon

    In the video for this I have to say if that is the new voice for Richard I really don’t care for it. The voice from Slaughter The World was what I imagine Richard’s voice to be not that whiney soundy old man voice.

  • berices

    A. I just realized I had made an account on here because it has been a long time since I felt the need to post B. People need to learn to read fully not skim over and pick out a few words. On to the reason I felt the need to post is to say thank you for the years of amazing reading and rereading over and over and possibly over again. Since I finally got a steady enough job I shall support this but please paladin don’t mess this up I really really wouldn’t like it I mean REALLY wouldn’t. If you want any more money then the 20 to 25 I give then you will have to fight my college for it.

  • Jon

    Why… Why does Richard sound like Stewie?

  • HONE