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Nov 18, 2013

We’re chugging along, in our effort to produce a 22-minute LFG Animated Series pilot. This morning though, we added a few new rewards, and I thought they were worth talking about here.


Also note that the two expensive levels there are for actual cameos in the pilot, where your likeness will be turned into a cartoon character that will then be slaughtered by Richard.



22 days left, folks. Let’s do this.

-Because I Can.

  • Wesley Foxx

    Oh honey. No. It’s just not going to happen. Again.

  • XLII

    Oh look, grubbing for cash for a “project” you will never finish. I’m starting to really wonder if any of your “projects” are real. It always ends the same. You get ridiculous amounts of cash then pull the plug claiming that “its too difficult and you didn’t get enough money”. Just admit it already, you do these things just to con people out of obscene amounts of cash. “A sucker and his money are soon parted”

    • sohmer

      Care to elaborate? Which project are you referring to? Which project did we get a great deal of money for and never finish?

      To date, we’ve done 1 LFG Kickstarter project and finished it.

    • Jason Frost

      This never happened. I’d love to know what fantasy world you live in.

      • XLII

        “This never happened. I’d love to know what fantasy world you live in.” Really? Every single kick starter that has been done has “failed”. LFG the movie? What did they get from that about one? About hundred thousand. LFG the video game… same story. About 100k and “oh too difficult”, pull the plug. And now a TV series? So what are you guys up now? Almost 1/4 a million dollars and no sign, really, of anything. And don’t try the “these things cost money” card. Go look around on Steam. There is a whole section of independently made games. Care to take a guess at how much it cost to make the majority of those games? Right next door to nothing. Also care to take a shot at how much South Park, thank you the jeff, takes to make? Not hundreds of thousands.

        • sohmer

          I’ll address your points.

          LFG The Movie: We’ve never done a Kickstarter for the LFG movie. We did a Kickstarter to finish the short, which was completed.

          LFG Video Game: Raised 220k out of the 600k. Because it didn’t make its goal, not a single penny was taken from anyone. Learn how Kickstarter works, they have a full FAQ which will explain it better.

          Regarding making games of Steam, or how much it takes to make south park, well, that has absolutely nothing to do with this. We’re not looking to do a ‘south park’ style show, far from it.

          So again, everything you’re stating here about what happened, is not based on any facts or reality.

          • Steven Thomas

            I have to agree with this.
            LFG:TVG was a game, not the LFG comic. for a *lot* of people theres more of a paralel to a LFG comic and a LFG Short subject animation or cartoon and a LFG animated movie than a game, and in fact the market of people who will say oh this would make a good game is usualy a subset of the people who are fans, (in fact for some people out there the whole “Based on” catagory of Vidioegames is a turnoff just based on what happend with things like Superman 64 and Fantastic Four.
            Another point, part of why we even have Kickstarter in the first place is because there is a very real need for a way to fund projects that would probably fail or fail to reach an audience to get the funding in the first place.

  • Mettle

    Pay pal man. You’ll get a lot more people to help out. Mighty Number 9 added pay pal and in less than a day they made hundreds of thousands off that alone. Worth a shot here from some of the comments I’ve read.

    • sohmer

      I want to offer Paypal, but if the project doesn’t fund, what then? Offer refunds?

  • the jeff

    I’m not involved in the TV industry so I don’t have any hard data but I recall South Park having a pilot made for peanuts with construction paper. I get that you want a polished, TV-ready end product but realistically the vast majority of pilots, even when a show is picked up, are never aired and re shot. Besides, lets be honest, the game failed, the movie failed, maybe the reality is not every 1 page comic really needs to be something more. The LFG gang is funny but only in small doses and even that has been waning as of late with all the focus on everything except web comics. I can only speak for myself, but I really can’t see this strip making a good TV show.

    You’re slowly killing your fan base by leaving your roots. Me, and most of the people I know, already bailed on The Gutters. The long hiatus followed by a “pay us or no comic kickstarter” killed it for us. The LFG forums seem to have only a fraction of the traffic they once had. The new strip has been up for several days, not a single forum post regarding it and when people do post about a strip, few replies here and there, maybe. The story line is getting stale. The old dynamics between the characters are gone since, well, its basically Cale and Richard now. You aren’t selling signed books this year. You put up yet another kickstarter and at the beginning of the holiday season.

    Well, that’s my two cents. Thank for reading.

  • Durden

    Take out a small personal loan…something other than Kickstarter. My friend and I just had a conversation about homeless people and begging. I told him that I never give them dime one; unless they have funny, original and brilliant sign. All of this has the same concept. I keep coming back to read, but find nothing interesting anymore. The best part about your comics are the comments now. Get Rayne into a serious relationship already, make Cale kill someone. Do something out of the box. Hell look at Tim over at CAD, killed off all of his characters. Was I mad? Was I upset? Yes to both, however I keep going back because I want to see the new story with those characters. Do something other then aimless wandering and pointless sex jokes.

    • borgy95

      All valid. Kickstarter is just an easy way to not be subject to the pressures of ‘if this flops we are seriously out of pocket’ i.e. it’s risk free. But if people are happy to help no problem.
      Anyway kickstarter is not my point of interest. Its your observation on the comics non-plot… the pace at which thing happen is now soo slow i have actually forgotten what the hell is going on. The interesting character plots like Richards human past the fact he is not strictly undead/demon anything gonna happen there?

  • mathew

    i am really struggling to understand people issue with what blind ferret are doing? they are trying to bring out a series based on an amazing web comic. if you are a fan you should want this if you are a true fan and can afford a few bucks you should support if. if this bothers you then shut the bloody hell up and leave. i have loved blind ferret since i first was introduced to it a few years back the very same day i was introduced to it i met lar and sohma at armageddon and they were awesome. as soon as i get paid il be chipping in some for this pilot as i was excited to hear about it. and really if you guys have a problem with blindferret why bother commenting hate.

    • Fengor

      Because negative feedback is still feedback that they need. If all they ever got was a circle jerk of glowing praise then they’d never be able to improve. You can shelve your “true fan” crap by the way because there’s no such thing as a “true fan”, we’re all fans here. Whether we want to fund a kickstarter project, or air our displeasure over things in the comments does not differentiate us into tiers of loyalty.

      So kindly, shove a sock in it and lurk moar before you start telling people how to be fans of something.

      • mathew

        constructive criticism is great i dont deny that. but there is very little of that going on here. what is happening is a bunch of people bitching and moaning over nothing they are giving mindless hate and real fans dont do that. making false accusations like some here have done is not constructive or helpful and that is who my comment is targeted at. those kind of people should either keep their mouths shut or bugger off. got somthing constructive to say go ahead and say it but you dont need to be a dick about it because htat helps noone so maybe you should take comments in the context they were ment to be read in and not get butthurt