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Jun 26, 2013

If this new trailer doesn’t get you pumped up for LFG & The Fork of Truth, I don’t know what else I can do for you.

We’re on our way, folks, let’s make this happen. Please grab yourself a copy of the game and help us spread the word.


-Because I Can.

  • martijnhoekstra

    Good stuff on the Linux front!

    • sohmer

      Thanks, we’re super happy we got it worked out!

  • Jochen

    Hello! Looking for group has now accompanied me my hole life as a student. It made me laugh and smile many times. It gave me so much. I am sure many others feel the same. I hope all of you think of giving something back, like i did. I would love to see the efforts of the lfg guys to make our live more colorful honored by having this project funded! Funding stuck a little in the last days! But i am sure they can make it with our help. Help them! I wish you and “The Fork of Truth” all the best!

  • Frozen

    I’m sorry but I can’t see this making it’s goal. You just set the bar too high. I mean really 600k, the game looks nice but i can’t see that ever working out. I really hope it does however.

    • sohmer

      We do it right, or we don’t do it at all. It’s up the community now ;)

      • Frozen

        I’m sure, and I wish you all the best. I just have major doubts at it’s success.

  • Fengor

    This is great, and I’ll be sure to throw some cash at the kickstarter as soon as I can, but I rather miss the community that used to be here. Where did it go? Will it be back? Are you working on a Blind Ferret Soopa Forum in a secret bunker? Is the Trix rabbit ever going to get his cereal?

    These disqus comments attached to the blue moon blog posts just aren’t enough. It feels like the community has been all but killed. I know originally the LFG and LICD forums were separate of each other, but I’m quite serious about the super forum. If you guys aren’t already working on it then I’d like to throw the suggestion into the ring that you build a forum that’s accessible from all the web comics under the BF umbrella.

    Yeah this is really off topic, but there’s not really anywhere else left to put it.

    • sohmer

      You’re right. I’m going to get them back up.

  • Ytoff

    You should remake the Slaughter Your World short using in-game assets! That would make an awesome trailer!

  • Ronindoshi

    So very excited!! just backed the game!

  • Adrian

    We will get to see a Dick on a stick/kite/anything in-game right?

    • sohmer

      Chances are ;)

  • Mike

    the voice of Richard completely ruins this for me….

    • JohnnyBoy

      He’s written with this phenomenal and very specific humor and tone. The voice and the characterization does not match up for me. I can’t get the dissonance out of my head. I’m really trying to marry the writing of the character with the voice, but the voice is just too…I don’t know…bombastic? Enthusiastic? I always imagined the voice being much more matter-of-fact and wry. This is almost a caricature. Maybe I just need to hear more…

  • Kiradien

    I’ve got to ask; any chance of easter eggs relating to the movie in this? (This is War, Slaughter Your World, etc, those were hillarious.)

  • Bjørn

    You set a high goal, but I sure hope you make it. I backed it a few days back and really, really hope others are getting their rear in gear and do the same!