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Sep 23, 2013

Allow me a little cross promotion for one of our others comics, yes? Please?

Anyhoo, over at the Gutters, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund the comic for a year, as doing straight parody makes monetizing the thing pretty difficult. Our initial goal was 15k for 1 update per week. We’re currently at 26k with 4 days to go, and I’m secretly (not so secretly) hoping we get to the 45k mark which means we can do 3 pages per week.

Most backers levels include the purchase of a Gutters BFO, a 350 page behemoth containing the first 3 years of Gutters. It’s a great buy, and helps us get closer to our goal. If you enjoy comics in any form, trust me when I say you’ll enjoy Gutters.

Take a look, won’t you? 


-Because I Can.



  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Until the day when all can comment on the comics themselves, I will simply have to use this space to say how nice it is to have LFG back in the swing again with a full-on, interesting storyline; serious, but with just enough Dicking to keep it from descending into Battlestar Galactica.

  • Trickster Grebnelhuk

    You have been going on a long time now. When I am looking back, it seem like Looking For Group has always been there. The first meeting was an undercooled one. Were it my expectations? I can not say. We departed, before we knew where we were going. One day I returned, started anew, didn’t depart the road, followed it where it went.

    I draw much enjoyment from Looking for Group, as I don’t feel the urge to question where it going to, where it is coming from, I enjoy the ride. I am glad it is in existence. There was some a smile on bleak day. The capability to evoke an honest smile is a feat and one of these little things, often underrated, which can turn the odds.

    I wish you, that you can always draw enjoyment from the work and your enjoyment will never be a burden for you. You seem too be working much at all times, take care not too work too much. Too much isn’t good of anything. Except, maybe, pizza.

  • Timothy

    Another Kickstarter project? I get the feeling you’re using Kickstarter to fund your life, which is the exact opposite of what KS is supposed to be for, don’t get me wrong, I like your stuff, but, it’s just a whole lot a hubris to keep dipping into the cookie jar. You failed at getting the game done, and you (amongst others like you) will be the reason why projects start getting shut down, or even KS just starts looking at projects and deciding they can be the arbiters of what constitutes good or not. Not surprised really, just, kind of disgusted.