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Jun 11, 2013

Another day, another teaser for LFG & The Fork of Truth. We’ve got a big treat for you today though, a screenscap from the most recent in-progress (and very early) build of the game:


For today’s info, I picked 5 questions that were asked on the facebook page about the game and answered them!

Amy Asks: Will Richard sing? Please say he’ll sing whilst killing.

The Warlock has music where his soul should be, so yes. Yes he will.

Tue Asks: There won´t be any “pay-to-win” / mikrotransaktion thingies involved? Please say there won´t be!

That wasn’t in the form of a question, or proper English, but it does deserve to be addressed.

As a gamer, I can’t stand the ‘freemium’ model for video games. LFG & The Fork of Truth will be sold for a one-time price for all of the content. That’s it.

David Asks: What storyline will it follow? The original comics or a side story? And how will it affect the main story?

The game will follow a side story, but set within the first 12-issues of the LFG comic. There will be plenty of easter eggs within the story, as well as pieces of information that will come into play later on.

Tina Asks: Will the felbunny be a mount or at least a companion?

The Felbunny will be a special companion exclusive for Kickstarter backers.

Janet Asks: Other than the main group, will there be other characters we will recognize?

Oh yes.


LFG & The Fork of Truth Kickstarter Campaign begins June 20th.

-Because I Can.

  • Richard Mounts

    Freemium isn’t that bad, so long as it’s done well, which a lot of them are not. League of Legends could do with making the in-game currency price of their champions cheaper at some point after initial release so it doesn’t take over 30 straight wins to afford just one of them even though it’s been released for over a year. Pretty much every Zynga and EA freemium game is just a terrible thing to look at. However, I’m glad to see that the risk of it being done badly wont exist for this nonetheless.

    • Adrian

      Agreed – not too bad as long as they avoid Pay-2-Win which was so prevalent in the early days. Dosh for cammo schemes used in MWO is a good example.
      I’d still prefer to pay up front though.

  • Lisa

    is this game online or is it like a disc you buy? oh and im in love with this story!! keep up the great work! i got caught up and now looking forward to updates ♥ goodluck on the game idea. :3 oh i want to also add: your website looks kick-ass. :D (yes, im a teenager. explains all the funny faces ‘n junk :p)

    • Jeahn Blonski

      You go kid ! :D

  • Matthew Houser

    For Pony…..

  • Jeramiah Gladden

    Do you think there will be an IOS version? this would be fantastic on the IPad!