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Dec 4, 2013

You can make a difference.

Won’t you?

-Because I Can.


  • Drew B.

    Apparently it would take everyone who likes this comic on Facebook to pledge $5. Okay, so what percentage of those people will even realize there is another Kickstarter for this series? What percentage of those will be interested enough and have the funds available to donate? How much will that portion of the fan base need to average to have the Kickstarter succeed?

    For a project this large to find success, you have to be very lucky, and also have put in significant effort even before the project is listed. Some folks doing projects have to turn it into a second full time job manning social network sites, to get a quarter as much as you’ve managed to generate. Every fan possible needed notice of the project. They also needed something about it to be exciting enough for them to feel okay bothering their friends, acquaintances, and random passerbys. Was there anything exciting about this idea for anyone outside folks who are already committed fans of LFG?

    Sorry, if I seem to be in a pessimist mood every time I pipe up. It’s a general rule of comments that folks don’t say much when they’re satisfied. I hope you have better luck on your next project. This experience should hopefully help make your future Kickstarters more consistently successful.

  • Abysmax

    Trust me, i’d love to donate there is only one problem ; i don’t have a credit card.

    • mremaknu

      They posted recently that they’re accepting paypal donations made for the kickstarter.

      • safyrejet

        But paypal doesn’t do anything unless the KS by itself gets funded. Then the paypal can be added on as “extra”. That whole “need a credit card” thing isn’t because people don’t want to offer paypal, it’s just how KS and Amazon work. You can always get a prepaid Visa or something that works like a credit card.

  • Tiffany Back

    Well, actually Drew, it wouldn’t take “everyone” who likes the facebook page to get it just barely funded… There are 50,888 likes on the LFG facebook. if everyone represented there donated $5 that would come to $254440, which would put it at 129% funded. There have been a large number of people that have donated more than $5. Assuming that the 1,121 current backers are all “likes” from the LFG fb, having donated an average of $53, that leaves 49,767 fans to make up the remaining $136245, or 54% of the remaining likes giving $5 and it’s done. If you consider using everyone, the needed donation from each person is $1.74 (all $ is CAD so USA fans only give 4.68USD)

    But that does not mean you can just sit back and be in the 46% and leave it to others if you have means. fb allows users “officially” as young as 13, so a fair percentage of the LFG likes are probably too young to be able to support the kickstarter in the first place…

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    *Sniff* *Snuffle* That video really moved me.
    Truly. Certainly it wasn’t last night’s chili-cheese gagh.
    *Sniff* This place sure could use a Stickup.

  • John

    Listen. I would love to give but there are some major problems with lfg that need to be addressed. Lately every strip has to have a punch line and it slows the story down so much that it becomes nonsense. I have been with lfg from day one and it has gotten so slow that I barely watch for updates anymore.

    Second. What is stopping you from doing more strips a week? I am not saying you need one a day. That would be nonsense and the quality would quickly diminish. But maybe a mon-wed-fri release schedule would help pick things up. Or just release more content on mon-thurs so that there is a little more to look forward to.

    I love Richard and Cale and the whole gang but before they get animated prove some dedication. Make another animated short. Do some longer comics to engross readers in the story. I honestly think that if you put this on the back burner. Do some work to improve the comic and come back to it either in the summer or fall then you will have so much support that everyone will say “Six seasons and a movie!”

    I truly want to see you guys do well but you need a little more effort and then I can truly invest in what I think would be a great future idea.

    • Will Attar

      I think Lar doing 7 LICD strips and 2 of these every week is what’s stopping the increase in production. He’s just one man!

      • John

        That may be. But for a while he was doing a lot more content. I need more dialogue and stury and less one off punch lines each strip

        • Dvulture

          I would be fine with even one update a week as longe it was a satisfying one and not filler. The comic doesnt need more pages a week. It better stories.

  • Ted

    You might want to add annotations to the video to allow the graphics and areas of the screen that don’t get covered by the player to link to the kickstarter page directly.
    Asking people watching the video (on YT, the LICD site, etc.) to have to go to another page to then click a link produces a barrier to entry that you don’t want the viewers to have. Puting in the direct link to the campaign makes it easier for the viewer and more likely they will donate (doesn’t garuntee it, but does help).
    And in the future you may want to put the graphics up a little higher as the current location is easily obstructed by the player.

  • Dvulture

    Yeah, the story is too slow and directionless. It doesn’t need additional updating days, it just a tighter focus on the main arch, less of gag-a-day mentality, this kind of thing. There can be sidequests but they must tell something meaningful about the world or the characters if they don’t advance the main story.
    Besides the bad timing for doing a kickstarter this time of the year, I really don’t think many people that used to really enjoy that comic and now just read because the sunken cost feeling (i.e. they been reading for so long that they want to stop and make that effort meaningless) and hope for a return to the good old days will want to pay money for making a animated version of these directionless, slow and not emotionally satisfying stories. Yes, the pilot would probably be based on the old, good stories, but there is no garantee that the mentality that brought us that avanlanche of filler would not be in charge of it (and in that way sully what I think are great stories and memories).

    Tl;DR version: Comic used to be good, could return to being good. I wouldn’t pay to make a cartoon of a bad comic, but probably would of a good one.

    • anon E moose

      This, this, this.

      I still sometimes go back to the beginning and reread the comic, and every time feel the same disappointment as I watch it devolve from a well written humor strip with engaging plot into giant pages of text to pull off a gag panel.

      I miss when there were actual character actions, and entire pages devoted to speech bubble-less action scenes. Everything felt very well done and thought out. Compared to now, where a panel without SOMEBODY talking is rare, and a page without a punchline at the end even rarer.

      I don’t know at what point the vision for the comic shifted into what it is, but I know that I wish it hadn’t.

      Still, I do agree that the potential for it to be the things that used to make it great is still there and I hope to one day again read the same comic I fell in love with all those years ago.

  • Rachel Small

    I’m a warlock… where’s the button?

  • Victory

    Honestly, So far I’ve just been watching and seeing not 1….not 2…. but 3 kickstarters weeks after another. Looks to me as if you guys are just making kickstarters to make them. Instead of doing a music video, Do you think instead you should have used that to start a animated series instead? Then used profits from the animated series to make music videos? Instead you got a music video.

    But like most said – These punch line things are getting quite out of hand. I Like the comic and all but, I Only come by now like once a month and HOPE for something story related to be there. Which lately not even that’s really been working.

  • Marco Vivero

    Muajajaja there’s a nice felling about been able to say “I told you so…” even if BF won’t listen

    • sohmer

      Wow, that’s a pretty shitty thing to say. There’s one thing not to support something, but to enjoy someone else’s failure? Wow.

      • Chaos

        That’s a good point, and well made. I pledged my support, too bad it ain’t going through. Best of luck in the future.

      • John

        Sohmer I know you are defensive. This comic is your creation and you are entitled to defend yourself but please take some of the constructive criticism posted here. You have an amazing comic with so much potential that could go so very far. Please take the time and help it along. I read the last couple comics and it feels like a return to the good old days. There is story and punch line. You are on a bad track but are trying to save this work and I applaud you. I read lfg avidly and think you are a genius. With that in mind. Please read some of the comments and think about changes. Especially what I said about content and donation timing. If you put the effort in and turn this around. I could see the money flowing into a kick starter in a tidal wave this summer or fall. I wish you we’ll sohmer and really hope you read this.

  • Ronald

    Guys, i’m sorry but face it… IT WON’T WORK!!! Stop the moneybegging, keep making nice merch and a funny comic again and focus on that please! This is both embarassing and painful…

  • Charlie Murphy

    So, how’d the latest kickstarter work out? Heheheh. Ah, it’s so fun to watch you crash and burn Sohmer.

  • Peter S

    From the UK living in sunny Barcelona, I’m a fan, and like to help and support whenever I can, so I pledged. Good luck on a mad rush in the last 6 hours.