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Feb 5, 2013

10 days left to go on the This is War Kickstarter, and we’re still 30k from where I want to be, to make a significant dent into pre-production for the LFG movie.

With that, we’ve got 2 big announcements to make with regard to the Kickstarter:


That’s right, once we hit that magical 100k, we’ll unlock the ‘For Pony’ bracelets to everyone at the Digital Level and above, meaning finally, at long last, you can raise awareness for the only cause worth caring about.

And for those of you who haven’t pledged anything because you already have all the books, we’ve put in a new level, which has the new and improved Orphanage t-shirt as a reward.

Did I tempt you?

Did I?

As always folks, thank you hugely for your support.

-Because I Can.

  • Zeph

    I just want the tshirt but it doesnt sound like im guranteed to get one even if i donate…..

    • safyrejet

      ? If you donate for the t-shirt level, that’s exactly what you get, plus the digital level stuff.

  • Felipe Lopes

    I need a “For Pony” bracelet!

  • Christopher Lindstrom

    I’m kinda sad I won’t be able to donate until my tax returns get in, you know, feeding myself and such… I’ll still buy the shirt and bracelet if they hit the store, though. For Pony!!

  • Selvec

    Maybe its just me, but if your 30K away from where you want to be, why the heck did you make the goal $14,000 and not $100,000?!

    You can’t expect people to give you the amount you want if you don’t set your blasted Kickstarter goal to the amount you actually want. It’s your own fault. It just makes it look like you want the project to fail because you have this hidden goal you actually want that is different to the one you stated on kickstarter.

    • sohmer

      14k was to get the This is War short complete, that was the bare minimum. The 100k is my pie in the sky hope. The trick is to balance realistic expectations with dreams, and find a middle ground.

    • Beetlestorm

      It was originally just for the musical short, but it’s doing so well they’re trying to get money to start on the actual movie now.

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Why not allow pledges of another levels access to perks like the T-Shirt? They could pledge the extra value (+ any shipping costs) and stay on the pledge level they were on; afterwards, in the questionaire, you ask if the T-shirt was part of the pledge and the size. Standard process with Kickstarter projects, and you would get the extra dough.

    • sohmer

      That can be done, see the kickstarter page for more info.

  • Richard

    It’s a good thing you’ve got ignorant fanboy support, because you have absolutely NO business sense, as proven many times in the past. Here goes another 100k down the drain to another project that’ll go nowhere. YOU NEED A REAL BACKER AND TO GET THAT YOU NEED TO PLAY NICE WITH THE OTHER ADULTS. – Real life lessons.

    • sohmer

      How so? Every single project we’ve done on Kickstarter has come to Fruiition…

  • Michael Hanlon

    I wish I had money :(

  • Gremlin1

    Will the t-shirt be available after the Kickstarter is over?

  • Sara Bakke

    I hope that everything works out. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • kcstar

    how much for the “for pony” bracelet ?

    • kcstar

      and does i come in black ?

  • Kelsey

    you tempted me, i need that bracelet. Also i want this production to happen. However my boyfriend just informed me that the FOR PONY could be mistaken as a my little pony reference to those who do not read the comic..

  • baysrd07

    so the free mp3s of this is war and slaughter your world will be available to non backers as well? and if so, when if I may ask?

  • mike

    so, you know, my nickname is ‘pony’. this is really tempting. IT’S ALL FOR ME!

  • SpinelesS

    Is ever going to work again?

  • evilhalfdead

    On behalf of the backers, I have one thing to say…

    Next mission?

  • DemonHunter Francis

    cant wait

  • Victor

    Can i get the Plushie and the Orphan shirt?

  • Devin Shandor

    What are the chances of a big and tall shirt section someday? I know it costs more for the bigger shirts to print on but being tall I would love to wear my LFG pride out and about.

  • Martin ellis

    I did it for pony.
    and a sweet T-shirt.

  • wayne gomez

    i need one u know.