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Apr 22, 2013

While Vancouver took it out of me, I’d be remiss in my job if I didn’t point out that this month, the kind folks over at Aeria Games have sponsored LFG with their new game, Scarlet Blade.

If that wasn’t enough, they’re offering LFG readers a few extra bonuses to give you a much needed edge while playing in their massive 80 vs 80 PvP battlegrounds. Follow this link for more info, if you please!


-Because I Can.

  • Kelson Kaisaki

    how do you get the item?

    • Joe Angulo

      +1 On wanting to know how to get exclusive items.

  • Chris Comeau

    Oh man, why couldn’t it have been Richard on the art. He totally would have sold it.

    • snowe

      The game is all female characters, sooooo yeah.

      • Usuq Madiq

        That would be awkward, the sole Dick among a bevy of women, wouldn’t it?

        But if there could be an option in later games for a Richard character, that would seal the deal.

  • snowe

    Aeria Games is horrible D: most of their games events require you to post on the forums, which use your sign-in username and requires you to say which server and your in-game character name. Makes it really easy to get hacked :c Just a warning to anyone out there, never use AG’s forums D:

  • Alison Demzon

    Tried it before. It is just a kinda crappy play while drunk for best results game being used as an excuse for soft porn. If you guys are getting paid for it though sure… I’ll make another account for a few minutes.

  • Nick Lanciano

    Might want to check below where it tells you what you get…

    “No CAD characters actually appear in this game.”

  • Duderson

    I could have sworn it was by the same devs as dragon nest… which had a really decent combat engine and sexy-smooth animations! Then I play this game expected an excuse to look at ridiculously proportioned softcore with the same kind of easy but fun combat and got…. that… a note to ALL game Devs… your ‘running’ animation is the one we see most often… scarlet blade has a inexusably HORRIBLE running animation… when was the last time YOUR legs just swung straight forward and back…

    I mean at least make the softcore good! That’s all you are running on!

  • Ryan Lay

    Ya know, an actual porn site would probably pay you more and the content would be roughly the same.

  • rawr

    how do you actually claim these items? seems there is no code / no link on their forum to lfg