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Jan 31, 2013

It’s been a little over a week since we launched the Kickstarter for This is War, and it’s been going incredibly thus far. As of the time of this writing, we’ve raised 345% of our goal to get this thing done.

A lot of folks have been asking what we’ll be doing with the extra funds that are raised. I thought I’d answer it here.


What will we do with any extra coin that is raised?

It was either go to Mexico or invest it into the pre-production of the LFG Movie. Though Mexico was tempting, I’m not convinced my drug cartel contacts are as current as they should be, so I opted with the latter.

Every single penny we get beyond that first 14k is going directly into developing the LFG movie. Pre-production is a hugely expensive thing, and getting into it sooner means we can make the film sooner.

Storyboards, script, story editing, model sheets, backgrounds, props, and casting are among the things that need to get done before this even gets close to an animator. And that’s what we’re going to do. The more we raise now, the closer we get to that elusive dream.

With that in mind, the new goal I’m setting for us is 100k.

We’ve got 2 weeks to get there, and we’re almost at 60k now .

LFG: The Movie, may not be coming in 2008, but it could be coming in 2014 or 2015.

Thanks for the support folks, can’t tell you what it means to know you want to see this as much as we do.

-Because I Can.

  • someone

    So is this going to be free, distributed in stores such as walmart, or something I’m going to miss out on because I refuse to get a credit card?

  • someone

    … though I suppose you couldn’t care less about my concerns because if I don’t have a credit card then I couldn’t donate to your kickstarter, and even though I’d be willing to pay for the movie should it be made available the very essence of my question means I could not have purchased any of your other products so oh well.

    • Frederbee

      If you can shop at Walmart, why not just pick up a prepaid Mastercard or Visa? It works like a credit card online, but doesn`t put you at risk of debt because it`s a gift card. No need to act so melodramatic about the creators `not caring about your concerns`

      • someone

        Sorry no, no not trying to be melodramatic just personal insight of the foolishness of expecting someone you don’t know to care about you when you’ve done nothing for them… no that’s still wrong, I can’t think of how to phrase it, it was a recall of my previous question an attempt to be more humble and less self centered.

  • Dule Ra

    It wont ever get done so no need to worry.

  • sohmer

    The short will be free, made available to everyone!

  • Chris Mayer

    Wow, someone is quite the pessimist. Sohmer, the comic you have up today is from last week. Are you going to be updating it with the latest?

    • sohmer

      Should be fixed now! Still in recovery mode.

  • Andrew Kaufman

    So, with the potential for the movie coming back online (just a few years late, I’m still hoping for a new Firefly movie), I was wondering, Lar and everyone, whether you will be auditioning voice tallent for the movie. If so, where do I apply/submit audition materials/pledge my undying loyalty to you as sovereign of the world?

  • me

    Btw. where did the forums go?

    • sohmer

      Working on it.

  • P. Stein

    Least I Could Do went cabloey once again. And to be on topic, good luck with Kickstarter. Can’t donate alas, because I am poorer than a free fuck atm. But as soon as I become a man of law and money, I shall change my policies, if you continue to deliver good stuff.

  • Jycorro

    Looking forward to it. My wife says FOR BUNNY!

  • carescorptech

    This is nice but you gotta work on it more

  • Max Elsen

    OW YEAAAHH finalyyy.. i really aprove of this project :D….

  • Birk Fogde Ørnskov

    Do tell if you need soundactors for the movie, I bet there are many (including me) that happily will give their voice for the project :)

  • disqus_ElbjYgN6jp

    Has anyone else noticed that “This is War” song is Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”?

  • James Kuhn

    it was fun to start this war lol i love richard so much hes the greatest physio ever created

  • zachdig

    Im not getting my hopes up for anytime soon, but i’ve been a fan for quite some time and i think this’ll be awesome when it comes out. thanks for all the handwork you put into this comic it’s awesome.

  • Dan Raducan

    soo how’s the movie progressing ? :D , and i think i want to see the movie More than you guys , more than all the fans together + producers :D , and after that i wana look for ” THE FORK OF TRUTH” . but most of all pls make sure We can buy the game as a digital copy too and the movie, coss physical ones are a bust : ). Cheers and keep up the good work. I shall be donating to you guys starting October or so :D

  • lewis lovell

    cant wait for the movie RICHARD FTW when it comes out ima sit there and watch it with a fork out (the replica of the fork of truth) =3