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Feb 12, 2013

Updated, February 15th 10:52 AM: 10 hours. 127k. Can I get a little ‘whoop whoop’ please?


Updated, February 14th 1:40 PM: 31 hours and a little over 4k to hit the magical 125 mark.


Updated, February 14th 9:47 AM: 35 hours to go, and 7k left to reach 125. Will we do it? Will we?


With 3 days to go, we are at 109k on the This is War Kickstarter. To be honest, it’s pretty damn mind blowing. It means not only do we get to finish this fantastic short, but that we’ve got several tens of thousands of dollar to invest into the LFG Movie.

Storyboards, script edits, Casting, etc…

To say I’m excited about finally moving on this film is quite the understatement. And here we are.

And of course, breaching the 100k mark means a cool bracelet for every backer who pledged 10$ and up.

With days left to go, however, the question remains, just how high can we get this thing?

I’d very much like to set a stretch goal for 125k, and seeing as you folks are the ones responsible for all this, I thought it only fair that you should help us decide what the Stretch goal is for that.

So, tell me. What do you think it should be?

(In the comments please!)

-Because I Can.

  • Devin Shandor

    How about a signed poster. Richard and the orphanage!

  • Daniel Provencio

    Embroidered Patch

  • Eric Starr

    A Video of Ryan and Lar performing the karaoke version of “This is War.”

  • Adam Chastan

    fwoosh stress balls for all

  • Eric Starr

    Nvm, just took a while for the page to reload

  • DemonHunter Francis

    You should make a short video of how lfg became to be a comic and the
    show the voice actors of the characters in the video from This Is War.

  • Christine Sjostrom

    How about a bonus mini comic about Richard? Even if it’s just B&W

  • Luis Ramos

    A making of of the short story and a LFG:The early days, where we get to know a bit of each char backstory :P

  • Crazy Squirrel Lady

    How about dinner with guys at a Con?

  • Joost Van Amerongen

    I second the karaoke video suggestion!

  • Eric James Farnsworth

    Perhaps a mini short with Suba Richard with the rabbit?

  • Nicola Hing

    Would love to see something with either Suba or with the rabbit!

  • Michael Mckinney

    how about a version of the cameo level, where a ton of LFG fans(that sign up to appear, or something) get fwooshed in one giant fwoosh? That would be pretty cool.
    (in a splash page maybe, or one of the wallpapers)

  • Michael Mckinney

    ok…I just posted my comment…but it disappeared…so, how about a splash page where a ton of LFG fans(that sign up to appear or something) all get fwooshed? That would be pretty cool.

  • Beetlestorm

    A make-your-own Richard comic!

  • Troo

    Maybe some sort of button/keychain/memorabilia with LFG characters proving that we were part of the Kickstarter or something? So some day when you guys are ultra famous, we can prove that we helped in our small way. :D

  • safyrejet

    I think a signed poster would be redundant seeing as a previous unlocked level includes a signed postcard. But that actually brings up a question, the postcards were unlocked before the t-shirt level was added and so it reasonably was unlocked as “included in every softcover level and above”. Now that the t-shirt level has been added it’s technically below softcover level, but is there any chance you guys would consider including the unlocked postcard with the t-shirt level pledges as well? *pretty please?*

  • Mary Gorak

    I really like two of the ideas already mentioned here. one would be the Fwoosh stress ball, and the other would be keychain/memorabilia … on the plus side these are already items that are on hand for blind ferret ( if you were to use the little richard keychain that is) so there wouldnt be much in the way of added cost taking away from the LFG movie project……..

  • Richard Tyler

    I like the idea of the Fwoosh Stress ball for all, but instead of the normal one, how about a Fwoosh Ball that also says “Kickstarter Supporter” or some such thing that signifies that the owner contributed to the cause? The documentary idea is good to, talking about how LFG started as a little comic strip that’s grown into what it is today… But I like the stress ball more ^^

  • Scott Hast

    I really like the Poster Idea, and the Fwoosh Balls! Though I think Eric’s idea take the cake

  • Brett B.

    Fwoosh stress balls would be awesome. Or maybe some sort of plushie. Don’t want to sound greedy, but something tangible and unique would be awesome.

  • Ralph Schaddelee

    Definitely fwoosh stressballs or fwooshballs.
    If that’s not going to happen, then pls something with kickstarter on it. A truly one of a kind thing.

  • Carmel Daly

    Something that memorialises the TIW Kickstarter would be great. Love the fwoosh stress ball idea or ‘a wish to be big’ keyring with mini Richard and the rabbit would be very cool.

  • ItIsMeJack

    LFG updates 3 times a week!

  • Sarah the Slightly Mad

    Either an “I participated” (or some such phrasing) fwooshball or keychain would probably be enough to overcome my will save. Especially if it’s something I can just add to my current (digital-level) pledge.

  • Jonathan Dean Jennings

    make the fez available again. Fezzes are cool.

  • Amanda

    I really like the idea of a keychain or the Fwoosh stress ball. Especially if you can add something to it to show that it’s for the kickstarter.

  • Jeff Wilkinson

    Fwoosh Stress Ball

  • Shieri Laevas

    Whatever you decide to do (something KS unique would be amazing!) try to get the stretch up before you hit the last 48 hours! That’s when the ‘ending soon’ email goes out and having a goal to reach would probably encourage more people into the project ;)

  • Tyler Mierholtz

    fwoosh stress balls sounds awesom (makeing it say kickstart on it would be cool) so does the poster idea of richard and the orphanage. honestly anything with richard would be awesome.

  • Xander Hartman

    If you were to offer fwoosh stress balls and key chains it would highly motivate many (including myself) to be more proactive in giving, adding to my previous donation.

  • Windwalker21

    I agree with the fwoosh stress ball and a keychain, or I love the idea of the commemorative embroidered patch.

  • Windwalker21

    I vote for the fwooshball and keychain, or I love the idea of a commemorative embroidered patch.

  • Gonadius

    I think a small backer-bonus story would be an ideal treat, just three or four pages with a silly little side-quest. Though I’d like to think if there were one, it’d be made available to all after a time. Failing that, throw in a month of thrice-weekly updates.

  • regularjoe

    Richard tattoos for everyone!!!!

  • Jordan G.

    I’m a voice actor who’s loved LFG for YEARS…I’d be honored to be considered for a role in the movie!

  • Andrew Cotton

    A pin of Richard about to Kick something maybe the word Kickstarter? it makes me giggle.

    • Mary Gorak

      Reading this put the image in my head or Richard with “THAT LOOK” saying “Kickstart? I thought you said Firestart”

  • Soakers

    While I would love the fwoosh stress ball, at $10 each for about 2000 people…Something like a short exclusive comic would be great

  • Anthony Ingram-Westover

    How about making LFG a MWF comic instead of MTr?

  • Austin Cady

    I think you should get in contact with Matthew Inman. He owns
    He gets a lot of hits on his site and I think it would do you guys well to be backed by him, I think he’d find your comic funny, and you would find his very entertaining.

  • Devin Shandor

    With everyone concerned about overhead my wife had a good idea… How about a kickstarter desktop background. It has been a while since we have seen new backgrounds and the overhead is a bit of design time.

  • Dustin B

    1) Since you’ll be doing voice recordings anyway, why not put together ringtones of popular quotes or a sound board app?

    “I couldn’t help but overhear, mostly because I was thinking of killing you and stealing your cloak.”

    2) Or perhaps a LFG documentary? There has to be some beta art and interesting and/or embarrassing stories you could share.

  • Justin Christian

    Fwoosh!-balls for all would be awesome! I like the idea of some added significance for kickstarter supporters written on the fwoosh!-ball, but even a normal one would be great!

    Or a larger edition of the Fwoosh!-ball exclusively for kickstarter supporters, though I doubt that would be cost effective

  • Christopher

    Doom Bunnies For Everyone with the Digital copy and up XD

  • megas88

    Posters for all!!!!

  • Gerry

    How a bout a specially drawn print of Richard for all backers (maybe signed as well)

  • Shieri Laevas

    People are worried about the overhead, but want Fwooshballs, why not make it a when we hit 25k you can ‘add $– for an KS edition fwooshball’? People get a small discount, get a KS exclusive item and save on shipping and the KS gets a good cash boost ;)

  • Marie Janett

    I love the idea of ringtones. Sound clips of Richard so that everyone in my office can stare at me when my phone starts screaming about burning orphanages and pony battle cries. I personally am an even bigger fan of bloopers! I buy a ton of DVDs just so I can watch the DVD blooper extras! Some of my favorite animes are favorites just because of what the voice actors do when they mess up. It’s like MST3K! Well… Rifftrax now. :)

  • Steve The Pirate

    Fwoosh Ball for an extra $5 would be amazing, But the Ringtone Idea would be Phenomenal as well!

  • Roman Bugrov

    Ill second the Fwoosh stress balls for all idea. Or at least for t-shirt+ (because thats where i am!). Would be fantastic!
    As an alternative, how about tossing X signed postcards or something similar into random pledge orders?

  • Dusty Nader

    WHOOP WHOOP! err sorry, “whoop whoop”. You did ask for a “little”.

  • James Adams

    How about a poster of the cover of the Omnibus?

  • Lucas Melo

    already pass 3 day, plis i realy want to see richard rolling some heads.

    “whoop whoop”


    Fwoosh Stress Ball


    fwoosh stress balls


    fwoosh stress balls

  • Sean Moore

    I would really love to volunteer some voice acting to this movie, all I want is my name mentioned,I have been a fan of this comic since 2009, and would kill cute puppies and bunnies to get my voice inside the movie.

    • Eric Starr

      I don’t even care if my name were mentioned. I’d just love to be a part of the production in any way. Voice acting would be keen – even if it’s just a scream as a character gets burned/dismembered.

  • Jennifer Poland Flugge

    I’m not the mostly timely person ever. I still wish to kick start this bitch. TAKE MY MONEY.

    Oh fsm please take my money.

  • Kimba101

    How about commitment to use free an open source software? There is this awesome free and open source 2D animation software called
    Synfig. The Linux version is awesome. There is a windows version but its
    dated here is the windows version and here is the state of
    the art Linux version .To see what its
    capable of go here . Currently they are busy creating the next stable version which will be
    available for linux,mac and windows.How about helping them with that?

    • dragonspire

      yeah…so anyway, ringtones, fwooshes, posters, or t-shirts pl0x. I don’t really care if you use baby seals in the movie development.

  • lfgfanfanfan

    This is the most drawn out side arc in the history of webcomics. Please. Enough with the stupid squirls.

  • Xander Hartman

    whoop whoop

  • Alexander Slonim

    fwoosh stress ball or richard/simba “to be king” print (given the apparent disney parody, a poster of the disney parody makes sence)