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2 Days and a San Diego Comicon

Jul 17, 2013

2 Days left on The Fork of Truth, and will a miracle happen? Will we get to make this game? The choice is yours.


As I type this, Lar and I are in San Diego, where we’ll be at Booth #1231 for the duration of comicon. Come see us, yes? We might just have some neat information to share.


-Because I Can.

  • J. Ason

  • Fantasy Troll

    NO. Miracle will not happen. I not inveterate fan, but i loved this comic. Nevertheless i not like this flimflam lottery. I’ll explain.

    First: Storyline died with Krunch. Now its boring slide show of stupid jokes. Gamgam style? Dick on (SUDDENLY) spider? Racoons?? Are you nuts?! You turn fun story in stupid tiresome miniatures. And then u say: “If you love comic than give my X money!” NO! I not like your comic anymore.

    And second: How many times u beg for money? And how many times u showed result to your readers? People not so stupid or so trustful. First show completed result of any your project, and then, maybe, u can ask for money for other films / games / cartoons / books of recipes and so on.

    You deserve it. Yes. Maybe i bad man, but i really glad to see how this kickstarter failed.

    - Because i can.

    • Richard Mounts

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Liz Ruifrok

        I think you coulda. With capital letters, the addition of the simplest ‘a”s in the right spots, and the word ‘you’ in place of ‘u’.

        Regardless. It’s a free comic to read online. He sells some stuff. Haven’t ever seen the begging for money bits. Asking, yes. Begging, no. The kickstarter is something I would have liked to have seen, and played, as it looked like it had promise.

        I have seen other comic book artists kill off major characters. A GREAT deal of them do. Do they owe you in any way, shape or form for the way the storyline is shaping up? Hell no. The fact of the matter is, you choose to read what you read. You choose to complain here, instead of just leaving. Choose to read if you want, or don’t. Either way, work on your grammar, man. Your point is lost amidst the grade school level of typing.

        • RikkuRikku

          Uh I think being rude about how he wrote it is kind of lame, it’s pretty obvious his first language isn’t english. Goodness someone who doesn’t speak english natively didn’t get all their grammar correct! Better burn him on the stake for it! Better yet lets get all the native english speakers who write worse than this and do the same thing!!!

          Yeah seriously dude.

          As for begging? I don’t know, sounds like begging to me. The musical wasn’t even finished yet and they want to start another project to get more money? Seems awfully shady to me. Sure the game looked like it would be fun, but it’s a bit overly ambitious to pull on two big projects at once–their team isn’t THAT big.

          He has a right to express his opinion and tell a company what they’re doing wrong to lose their consumers–whether you agree with it, or the way he writes it or not.

          • Liz Ruifrok

            He pulled the equivalent of walking into a museum and sticking gum on the bottom of a painting when entry was free because the artist farted in front of him; I do expect a little decorum, yes. We aren’t consumers because we aren’t buying anything. We’re getting a product for free, and being offered something extra if we want it.

          • Adam

            how are we not consumers? do you see that big shop button at the top of the screen which leads you to their SHOP, are they just going to give away the game? Just cause you haven’t reached the stage of loosing the plot with continued BEGGING for money, got to the home page and count the post made begg no sorry asking for support since the beginning of kickstart, can count at least ten, Also lay off fantasy troll at least he had something constructive to say about the comic/game rather than slagging off someone for their grammar.

            p.s. my grammar sucks and honestly couldn’t care as most people with half a brain will manage to figure it out.

          • Account

            Most people with half a brain will find your post easier to follow if you use proper grammar and spelling. I am only willing to devote so much mental energy to reading a post, and if I spend most of it trying to figure out what you are trying to say then I won’t spend any understanding your message. Plus, proper grammar and spelling generally make you seem a more mature and respectable person. Plus, in many cases proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation will clear up any ambiguity.

          • Adam

            that’s your choice dude. Besides apart from excessive use of comma the grammar was spot on and spelling seams fine to

          • ManMannen

            Sorry, but I was just bursting at the seams to tell you that your spell check failed you there. Seems like it did anyway. No, but seriously I get what you’re saying, as long as it’s fairly readable and doesn’t contain an abundance of smileys, acronyms and things like srsly, lawl etc. I’m ok with it. As long as people don’t criticize someone else’s spelling while being as bad themselves anyway. For the record I’m not a native English-speaker myself, but I try.

            On the topic though, I’m in agreement with Fantasy troll, there has been to many kickstarters in a short period of time and not enough evidence of what is happening with the money raised for the earlier ones. A little bit of transparency as to what goes on over at Blind Ferret HQ with these projects might be nice I guess.

            As far as where the storyline is going, well it has stalled somewhat in my opinion. It seemed to have a fairly decent progression for the longest time there, but then around the time Krunch died the recurring silly jokes and antics of the group that were tucked into the story came to the forefront instead. I still enjoy the comic for the most part, but I think it was probably better before.

          • RikkuRikku

            So you expect someone to magically learn perfect english the moment the want to comment on something? Grow a brain.

        • Fantasy Troll

          Sorry, its not my own language))

    • Ceci Pipe

      Krunch dying was the catalyst for gid to grow up, move away from her protective uncle and be her own person. Sure that’s been delivered trickle by painful trickle, but the story is still going. There’s less of it, it’s not as obvious, but it’s still there.

      If Sohmer had killed off all the characters then yes, he’s up there with Whedon for bored-next-project-or-else. But he didn’t. The feminine elf is still growing up as well, he’s a lot less naive then he was, consider this his leveling up time where he learns that sometimes, true greatness comes from killing 500 boars for 20 livers so you can finish the bloody quest and ding 10.

      • Aahz

        Killing 500 boars sounds tedious and pointless, so I guess that’s a pretty apt way of describing this comic. Good job.

        • Ceci Pipe

          You don’t like running around with 50 boars on fire and chasing you?

          You’d hate WoW.

          • Aahz

            I hate leveling just so I can get to the fun parts, so you are probably right. Some people have the patience for that kind of thing, but I think hours and hours of Pokemon burned it out of me. Now I return to designing this postcard and dicking around with fonts, also incredibly tedious!

          • Ceci Pipe

            Oh I too despise grinding, which of course leads to abusing AoE/DoT abilities to do it better. And theorycrafting how to do things better beats drafting homework, if you want tedious try drawing out a house exactly to scale noting every single wall, piece of furniture, door, window, kitchen appliance, etc, all in their exact positions with every measurement notated in.

            Easy enough to do on a computer, but takes forever by pen/pencil.

          • Aahz

            lol, at least I got paid for mine.

          • Caffinated

            …and who could blame him? It’s a terrible hamster wheel of a game that’s never properly balanced and changes so often it’s difficult to feel like you’ve accomplished anything meaningful for very long.

      • Fantasy Troll

        No. You got me wrong. Death of main character – its normal, if u have good plot device. IF U HAVE. But exactly in this point jokes and stiryline died. (Here we can say: Cale was resurrected from F*CKING ashes, so why green babe was powerless against knife wound in throat?!) You konw, it’s like Arthas in Warcraft: “I see only… pandas… before me…” – and then Warcraft dies. It exists, but it was much better before. Here you can see same thing. Krunch: “I see only… green hands… before… me…” And then green hands, werewolf-squirrels, racoons and (SUDDENLY!!!) spider come in this comic. It not fantasy. Its schizophrenia. Even Wonderland in American McGees Alise looks better than this. But anyway its just my opinion ;)

        - Because i can.

        • Ceci Pipe

          Krunch was never the main character though, this is Cale’s story. Always has been, with his companions helping or hindering him along the way. I’m probably biased since I love American McGee’s Alice, but the story didn’t die with Krunch. He was and always was a supporting character, supporting characters die to introduce tension.

          I agree that the story slowed, now it’s showing multiple paths for many different characters who are adventuring separately and relying on one shot jokes in order to remain a comical comic which tends to drastically slow down the main story arc, but the story didn’t die.

          EDIT: The case could be made for Gid being the main character as well, but her path seems to be a side quest which happens to coincide with Cale’s.

        • Fengor

          Oh come now, MoP isn’t that bad. It’s got some of the best quests we’ve seen since Wrath, its soundtrack is the best we’ve seen since Wrath, and the zones are some of the most beautiful we’ve seen since Wrath. Sure they gutted the entire combat and class mechanics to make room for a boring, mindless advancement system; and they’ve been systematically putting in artificial progression caps on everything you used to be able to grind at your leisure; and they gave enhancement shamans the proverbial shaft by reworking the entire Shaman class to only be viable as elemental or resto, and they took away my totems…all of my totems…all of my very useful, lovely totems…

          and they broke my wolves too

          I resend my earlier statement on the grounds that I just remembered why I stopped playing.

          • Caffinated

            You’re right, it’s not bad, it’s a shitpile that trades exploration and excitement in for daily quests you grind for months so you can get an item that will be obsolete the first time you raid.

            The game hasn’t been good since Greg Street took over and essentially made it a garbage heap where players are made to feel entitled to content even if they play horribly.

    • Will Mann

      I agree! I used to look forward to checking the comic for updates, but as the frequency of throwaway gags and puns increased and the story progression slowed, I gradually lost interest. I think the tipping point for me was around the time that the character “Dnah” was demonstrated to be a recurring character, but that’s just a guess.

      It’s as though the strip, possibly on account of being a blend of material from numerous successful fantasy franchises, has great difficulty breaking into original territory. And when it does, the material doesn’t take itself seriously enough for me to invest ongoing interest.

      I wouldn’t say the creators owe me anything, but I do think it’s fair to say that I greatly enjoyed their work and was disappointed when it became evident that the story would (so far as I’m concerned) go unfinished.

  • Tim M.

    The choice is ours, eh? So you’re putting the burden of failure on your fans? I don’t think so. If anything, the fault is yours for setting such an overly ambitious goal. How could you possibly have hoped to receive six hundred thousand dollars from a fanbase this size? You poor, poor people. Perhaps you should have chosen IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter. That way, at least you could have kept some of the money you begged.

    • Skoll Rodriguez

      Maybe if the fan base wasnt a bunch of entitled morons who are used to getting everything this man does for free it would have succeeded. God knows the Warmachine kickstarter fulfilled it’s similar goal in less than 5 hours and are still racking in money. Also maybe you dont actually know the size of the fanbase as unlike the author, you don’t have the traffic counter for a daily basis of this website.

      • TP

        Traffic doesn’t equal number of fans, some check more than once daily for new comments etc.
        Also, Warmachine is an established brand of miniature tabletop warfare (similar to Warhammer and WH40K), so their fans are well being used to shelling out hundreds of bucks on their armys. To them, the game is a natural addition to the other game they love and like, since it follows the same design principles and the same basic rules.
        And yes, there are a whole lot more Warmachine gamers than LFG readers. And the last thing is the crucial bit: READERS.
        Most are quite satisfied with LFG being a comic, not everyone who reads comics is also into gaming. So why should these people shell out money for something they don’t like?

        • Skoll Rodriguez

          The traffic counter would measure independent IPs , meaning it only considers independent IPs as readers. Sure people may check from multiple workstations but does nearly nothing for number padding. In addition to that your argument can be used both ways, we can always express that the warmachine table top is good enough for the fans, and many feel that it was good enough as it was. Never needing a video game because it would corrupt the essence of the game, etc.

      • Ecthaelion

        Na, the issue is just the it is the steam summer sale, games now vs. games later, 10 bucks for 2-4 games vs donating and hoping a game comes out. It was all in timing. Asking over 1/2 a mil. during the steam summer sale, with other companies trying to compete with things already out is just poor planning (granted it may just be how things worked out in timing a deal with Paladin). No need to be a dick about it guys. If you don’t support it then don’t donate, vote with your wallets not your mouths. We all know that doesn’t do any good in politics anyway. As for me I love the idea of the game, hope it happens eventually. I donated gladly on day 1 b/c I support the Blind Ferret. I voted in the accepted way and the way that makes a difference.

      • Kimberussell

        Okay. I have a Richard plushie, a Blind Ferret plushie, a Richard figurine and a stress fire-fwoosh in front of me. In the dresser in the other room is a little Richard shirt and a pair of Richard socks. LFG book 1 is in the bookshelf in the living room. We here are big into Richard, and entitled we are not. If I want something, I buy it. If this completed game shows up in the BF store, we’d probably give it a shot. But I’m weary of Kickstarters. I’m weary of established businesses having two-month long begging sessions for money. I’m weary of being seen as good enough to invest my hard-earned money toward a project, and then being treated like a demanding whiny hater if I ask for clarification on a project’s progress. (Not talking about BF specifically, just Kickstarters in general). You want to make the game? Get a business loan, an angel investor, a partner, whatever and make the game.

        • ted

          That is something that has kind of bugged me, in that BFE didn’t seem to take advantage of the Canadian Media Fund ( The CMF is a not-for-profit corporation that delivers $360.7 million in
          funding annually to support the Canadian television and digital media
          industries. They have supported a number of web series and other digital content created by Canadians.

          • regularjoe

            Maybe they tried that but did not get any funding. you are making a huge assumption here.

        • safyrejet

          I’ve always thought that KS projects were a way for the publishers to give their fans more control over what they (the fans) want in the product vs. selling out to have the product published by a larger impersonal multinational corporation that will just put out a one-size-fits-all product typically with little input from the creators and fans. At least that’s the way all the KS I’ve funding have worked. Several didn’t have the funds themselves to publish their product, several wanted to keep the publication in their own and their fans hands.

          Maybe that’s what BF wanted. The KS game set up gave us several options on what we wanted in the game. I’m sad to see it probably failing. If it ever gets alternate funding and produced outside of the KS project it’ll probably be a cut and dry bare bones release without many of the extra character options. If you don’t like KS projects yourself I suppose I can see why, but I think many companies chose to run a KS project versus taking out a loan or selling their idea to a larger company to mangle for a very specific reason.

      • Alex G

        Did you seriously just compare the size of fanbase of the second most popular mini wargame on the market and obscure webcomic, that is not even the MAIN project of it’s author?

  • Fengor

    Geez, way to be total dicks guys. Why don’t you just drive to comic con and kick Sohmer square in the balls while you’re at it.

    • Adam

      Not worth the price of a ticket for the satisfaction.

  • YellowRoach

    First, do not criticize my writing. English is not my native language. ;)

    I just wanted to comment.
    You enrage because there are several ongoing projects and has provided nothing.
    Certain project should be done by itself. This takes time.
    Especially there is currently the summer steams … ;)

    Here, this project does not require it to be full-time on it.
    This is technically not we give him money for the project. But paladin studio, it is they who will have the responsibility to provide the work with the cooperation of the LFG team.

    Paladin studio is a private company that needs this money to work.
    It is they who are going to work, there has to seen this pattern to understand that it is they who will work on it.

    Paladin studio are a

    After that, he might have been better to make a kickstarter on paladin studio and not LFG, but unless I’m mistaken, kickstarter request an American or English address which is not the case of the company (netherland)

    So I do not see the problem with having a different kickstart despite the fact of not having delivered other projects before.

    But, it’s too late. i don’t see miracle here :(

    • Liz Ruifrok

      Honestly, I didn’t know English wasn’t your first language until you confirmed it for me – not about to believe second-hand knowledge from someone who merely attacks, after all. So I apologize for that.

      I still stand by my belief, however, that we’re not consumers. Have you purchased anything from the store? I haven’t. I chipped in for the Kickstarter, yes, but I come here mainly for the comic, like I do most of the webcomics online. I can’t draw like that, and if I could, I might come up with a whole world of my own to show off online as well.

      By your logic, everyone who has a shop or a donation button and mentions it is begging for money. Almost every single webcomic has at least a donation button, or some side-project, or some sort of tee shirt ideas they sell. It’s a free product he puts online. You don’t have to jump through any hoops. No popups appear before you click on the website saying “DONATE TO MY CAUSE!”. Just the occasional drawn thing, a few odds and ends offered for sale. Granted, the kickstarter was likely a bit grandiose – $600,000 in such a short period of time would have been VERY hard indeed. I HAVE seen more comic pages than “Buy my stuff” pages, though. There is advancing plot. We’re seeing character development, more of the character’s pasts open up, and I REALLY like seeing that.

      But in the end, it’s aggravating to see people leap on the “How TERRIBLE he is for drawing what he wants to and DARING to think we MIGHT POSSIBLY GIVE HIM MONEY ONE DAY” and then calling THAT begging. THAT isn’t begging. I’ve SEEN artists beg for money. When they want to buy a house, or when they have a computer going on the fritz, or need to update their drawing pad. This isn’t begging. This is offering product for potential sale. And keep in mind, Kickstarter doesn’t charge you if it isn’t funded.

      Given most of your wrath at buying things from this site, I don’t think you’ve bought anything. Hence. Not a consumer. And ending your posts in what is a little mockery of Sohmer’s? THAT is the gum. “Because I can.” If you didn’t mean it as insult, you wouldn’t tack on that little bit. THAT is the part that incensed me, and made you seem like you were just being another irritated fan that the artist wasn’t drawing the way you wanted him to.

      • YellowRoach

        Why do you reply to me?

        You want to reply to Fantasy troll, right?

        • Liz Ruifrok

          Argh, did it REALLY reply to you? I swear I clicked on the reply on his last post. Dangit. Sorry man.

      • Sindy

        He’s not drawing anything, Lar is.
        And that whole ‘irritated fan because the artist doesn’t draw what the fan wants” doesn’t occur as often as ‘real’ fans seem to believe.

        Even if the comic is free money-wise, we are consumers – we invest our time and bandwidth into it. Anyone is entitled to saying they are disappointed in a story, else critics would be out of jobs.

        The mentality of ‘if you don’t like it, leave’ is pretty bad, and I say that as an artist. Hell, I’d love to get the feedback most internet artists get and I’m not the only one who feels that way. Sadly it seems in most cases the people who receive most negative feedback are also the people who dismiss it right away or resolve to ad hominem.

        Feedback, especially ‘negative’ feedback, is vital for somebody to grow as an artist. But we’re once more back to “Sohmer and Lar aren’t artists, they’re businessmen”, and in that case sure, anyone who is disgruntled about their downhill direction with their comics can just as well be shouting at a wall. It’s the bystanders who respond anyway, not the intended target.

      • Fantasy Troll

        So furious defender). If you not see obviously things, then… Ok! What about bet? If this kickstarter will not fail – i’ll take back my complaints. Deal?

        PS. Am I something wrote about buying things from this site? :O Where?

  • Devoid


  • Jeff

    Sorry its not going well; I was interested till I saw that it was 4 player coop. That killed it for me… and probably a lot of others too. Its a niche market. Now your seeing just how small a niche it is.

    I think if you’d made it a single player game you would have gotten a lot more traction, but thats just my opinion.

    • Naitdei

      It can be played as a single player, the problem is that he does not say that near top but in the QA part of the kickstater.

  • Fixer40000

    Apparently Ouya has a a double your funding thing going in in return for a 6 month exclusive.

    May be a way to bridge the finding gap!

  • Gabriel

    As much as I like the comic, the videogame turned me off when I saw the teaser. The cuddly characters totaly killed it for me, I can’t imagine Richard burning down orphenage or slaughtering innocent people with that look. No offense but for me it looks too childish in design, not to mention the terrible voice acting of Richard, I mean a dark evil character who does’nt even have a deep dark voice, sounds weird.

    • Hravik

      I pretty much agree here. The chibi style killed any interest I may have had in the game immedietly.

  • ted

    While this kickstarter probably will not pan out, I would suggest using the game engine and art you have created thus far and using that to do your next LFG animation. The opening bits of the Fork of Truth trailer look pretty good, at least as good as most current cartoons. I would just re-do the characters so they are not so cutesy and more like in the comic.

    This might be a less expensive and faster process for creating some future LFG animations.

    I looked at the kickstarter and just wasn’t that interested in the game as presented. I don’t feel I (or BFE) have a firm grasp on the game play. It also bothered me that companions are something people are paying extra to get as a reward, but it never really tells you what they would do, or really any of the game mechanics or concepts.

    There are a lot of unanswered questions about the game play. I would perhaps expect it to play similar to the X-Men Legends series of games.

    I do not have enough faith in BFE to invest in this product. I gave to the first bear book and was disappointed by the Hitler joke/reference in a children’s book. That was why I didn’t buy/support the second book.

    I supported the LICD pilot. After seeing the preview, I honestly wish I hadn’t. I feel as if my money were wasted. The animation was lacking. It almost looked like it was done in flash.The composition of the shots was off. The initial transition was way too long and the editing over all was lacking. The writing and story presented were very poor. The pacing was horribly off and the jokes fell flat. The voice acting for the characters other than Rayne was flat. It felt like there wasn’t a strong producer/director to guide the actors. Rayne didn’t feel like the same character from the comics, but rather just an ADHD monkey. The voice work for the other characters was horribly stiff. The dialogue and delivery really didn’t do anything to differentiate them from one another or convey the emotion/intent of the characters. While I am willing to give it chance to see if the story pans out, what I’ve seen thus far does not bode well for the series. Though you did
    pick the perfect voice for Rayne.

    Finally, as others have pointed out, the quality of the comics has been on a decline for awhile. I really don’t want to contribute to another project that is only going to aid in the further decline of the quality of the comics as BFE’s attention and resources are further strained.

  • Chesshire

    So, umm, hey. Wow. Rough crowd here, huh? Both sides of the shouting
    match, by and large, from the looks of things. So, you know what? Just
    thanks. You guys have a great, fun, and interesting story on here, and
    we really enjoy it.

    Look, I will grant that it’s been really
    disappointing that other projects did not come to fruition, or still
    haven’t yet been seen, maybe more so for those who’ve supported them,
    myself included. However,we believe in supporting ideas that have merit,

    and that continue to be something we get enjoyment from. You’ve been
    upfront anout things, and it’s not like the same things that
    are being talked about here aren’t likely to have bothered you also.

    For all the shouting, clearly most of the people on here are still
    following your work, still checking the news feeds, and are still
    interested, even if they aren’t being overly positive about it. So
    here’s looking forward to the next updates, and hopefully things working
    out one way or another, because THAT is important for the fans and
    followers, as well as you, as know. I fail to see how being snarky
    achieves anything positive for anyone, let alone the people who seem to
    be so terribly upset by it all!

    Thanks again for creating something special, guys, and hang in there! Maybe things didn’t
    quite work this round, but there’s always another way… and a lot of
    us are looking forward to it, right along with you! ^_^

  • Aahz

    Yes, I didn’t want this game to happen, but I’m not going to gloat. I’m going to move on with my life and hope people who have similar opinions do the same.

  • fwiffo

    Money. Money is a vote. When you purchase something you basically say “I vote for this product.”. What is great about Kickstarter is that it is a continued draw upon that idea. This particular Idea, the “Fork of Trurth” game, didn’t have what it would take to gain my vote. Nor did it have enough votes to get on track to becoming reality.

    I would rather have this project stop where it did. The look and “feel” of the game just didn’t seem to match the comic. In the sense of adapting it into a video game, I think it could be handled better.

    As for all of the people who are complainging about gag strips… and how the comic has degraded… I want to know what comic you were reading before now. It has always been a parody strip. Making fun of this game or that. This idea or that. They way that they say “Shammy” for shaman. Hctib elttil. Richard.

    The thing is that somewhere along the way story got tangled in there. And people liked it.

    • fwiffo

      I do hope that if the game is attempted again, that it captures the essence of the comic better. I would throw my money at it then.

  • Fantasy Troll

    So, fail? Wow, its so unexpectedly. But look on the bright side and don’t be so sad, dear author. Anyway, you have more than 200 000 $. Buy some conscience for yourself, before you will start new kickstarter with goal in 1 000 000 $.

    - Because you can.

    • regularjoe

      You are just pathetic. no other word for it..

      • Fantasy Troll

        And you are just bootlicker :).

        So, morale of this story: greed is bad :(

      • Adam

        don’t know about that, accurate seems like a good word for what Fantasy Troll said, also amusing would be appropriate. In fact there are many words check your nearest dictionary and/or thesaurus for some ideas.